Intrepid Hearts is the wanderlusting world of two creative gypsy souls set to enlighten, inspire and cultivate a powerful community of wellness centered women. The content we create here has an abundant balance of health, travel, natural beauty and fashion. 

Follow along to discover the ALTERNATIVE to the alternative approach to health. 


Gina has made being unapologetically one’s self  her motto since birth. Having always marched to the beat of a different drum,  Gina has always been known to push boundaries with her unique style and fashion sense.  Gina’s love of fashion is rivaled only by her love of adventure and fitness. In order to converge her love of both, Gina focused her studies on the development of high-end athletic wear while pursuing her B.A in fashion design at Philadelphia University. Believing that a girl should never have to choose between fashion and function Gina looks forward to sharing her advice and adventures in order to co-create the free spirited community of intrepid hearts.

Getting Intrepid Hearts up and running took a bit of time, as both Anna and I struggled with creating time to develop this project amongst our full time jobs and already busy schedules. However, creating a space to share both of our varying interests and passions with others was of upmost importance and we are happy to finally have our site live.
Our hopes for this site is to not only to share advice and information on everything from travel to fitness to fashion, but to also build a community of fearless badass chicks. We want intrepid hearts to be a space where our readers can consistently come to find great advice and content.
Anna and I both look forward to receiving feedback from you, so please share with us which posts you like and dislike and what you hope to see more of on our site. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.


Anna is actively pursuing a personal state of Chidananda, a state of blissful consciousness, through the incorporation of an organic diet, yoga, meditation, and continuous education. Earning her B.S. in Nutritional Science from The Pennsylvania State University expanded her understanding of what is takes to balance a healthy, active lifestyle even while traveling,  which she does constantly and is always on the move to her next destination. Anna has a dare to be different approach to her personal style and asks herself, too much or never enough? always concluding with the latter. Her extensive experience with a clean lifestyle, along with world travels and culinary arts allow her to provide a unique perspective to co-create the free spirited vision of Intrepid Hearts.  

Welcome to the wanderlusting world of Intrepid Hearts. I hope to inspire, awaken, and empower you through this creative outlet and blog.
I am passionate about health and nutrition and will share my alternative to the alternative approach to a healthy, happy mind, body, and spirit. I am always exchanging fashion, food, fitness, travel, and beauty tips with everyone I meet and what better way to share and reach a larger demographic of open minds than through the internet.
Teaming up with Gigi, in short, makes it double the fashion, double the fun and I am thrilled to be cultivating a beautiful community with her playful spirit. Growing up I always looked up to Gigi for her unique style, creative expressions, and playful personality mixed with a badass attitude.
Intrepid Hearts will be more than a blog, with the insights of two fearless, free-spirited babes. We hope to grow into a community of women empowering and encouraging others to express and discover the best version of themselves.
Follow us on this adventure, releasing fear of the unknown and embracing the path lead by our hearts. Live Intrepidly. Intrepid Hearts. 


We would love to hear from you!