3 Tips for Closet Cleansing

Does anyone else have the Spring cleaning bug? I love getting organized and refreshing my space. It just goes along with this time of year. And it's still cold enough to stay inside and get organized and not have FOMO of outdoor activities. 

It’s something a lot of girls struggle with, having a closet FULL TO THE BRIM with clothes, but feeling like you have nothing to wear. Frustrating. Odds are you do have some things to wear, but maybe they need to be styled differently. You never know until you go through everything and see what you can revive and what you need to say goodbye to. 

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I happily volunteer to help friends and family clean and organize their  closets so I thought I'd share some of my tips for a good "Closet Cleanse" 


1) Storage

A great way to keep your closet fresh is to at least store your summer/winter clothes during the opposite season. When I lived in California this rule didn’t apply as much, miss you SoCal sunshine ❤️. If you have the space to store clothes away that you won’t be wearing for a few months I would highly recommend it. The packing cubes that help squeeze your clothes into luggage come in handy here for easy storage and keeps you organized. This is also a great time to do the next tip which is to get rid of clothes you won’t bring back out in the next season. When your closet isn’t filled to the brim with all seasons of clothing you can see everything better and easily access it. 

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2) Letting go of clothes

This can be hard, especially if you feel the clothing holds memories/special meaning from occasions it was worn to. Try it on, see how it feels. If it’s from when you were a teen or in college and you’re now in your late 20s+ it might be the time to let go. There are a lot of exceptions to this of course. If you have ride or die basics that you wear regularly then you should keep them. If it’s a crazy sequined top that doesn’t go with everything you should toss it (donate, sell). 

I like to let my friends/relatives go through my clothing first to see if they want anything before I try to sell/donate it. Some people like to have clothing swap parties where a bunch of friends bring clothes they are getting rid of from a closet cleanse and then bring them all to someone’s house and everyone can go thru other people’s clothes and take what they want then donate the rest. This could be fun, but for me personally, when I am cleansing my closet I don’t want to immediately fill it back up with more stuff that might be in the donate pile next season. Getting rid of clothes can be freeing and refreshing. 

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Cash in on your Closet Cleanse:

For barely used clothing or final sale items I couldn’t return and don’t want: Tradesy is one of the best options, Poshmark makes it easy and Ebay depending on the make of the clothes and how much effort you want to put in to selling them. 


If the clothes are a little more loved or not as high end I try plato’s closet for some cash ( be prepared with another activity nearby as it can take some time for them to go thru the items) Don’t be disappointed if they don’t want to buy things, they have specific standards. Also I recommend you take the cash although it’s less than store credit, you are purging clothes so don’t need to take the money you made on them and spend it on more clothes (again that is my personal thought on the situation). 


Next you can try buffalo exchange, which no offense to them, but I have heard have slightly lower standards for accepting used clothing than plato’s. This could be to your benefit. 


If all else fails find your nearest goodwill drop off. They will go thru everything and you will wash your hands of it. You can also see if your local spiritual center accepts clothing donations. You don’t get any monetary benefits from donating obviously, but you are contributing to those in need which is a good feeling. Plus most donation centers will give you a receipt if you want to do a tax write off. 


Keep the clothes in circulation for better sustainability. If they are truly destroyed there are places you can drop off the clothing and they can break down the fibers into different things like yarn, carpet, insulation, etc. Don’t let it end up in a landfill. 


You can search donation centers here: http://www.weardonaterecycle.org/index.html and see if you have an American Textile Recycling Service near you, http://atrscorp.com/our-neighborhoods/ 


3) Take Photos of your Fave OOTD 


Hear me out.

You can organize a folder in the pictures app of your phone of some of your favorite outfits. This way you can always go back to the folder when you are feeling uninspired and recreate a look. This works when you are in a pinch and need to get ready quickly.

Having uniforms for different occasions, work dinner, event, etc. Will keep you prepared for anything when you have no time to think. You can translate this to your closet organization by keeping some go to outfits close together.

When I clean out my closet I’m constantly trying things on and seeing if I still will wear them this could be a good time to snap a photo for your folder if you find some winners. 





So now your closet is clean and organized. Maybe you need some new pieces to compliment and refresh old favorites. Try making a rule for shopping so you aren’t as impulsive. Bringing awareness and taking some extra time to think about your purchase really helps and can save you money.



I am aiming to be more sustainable and discerning with the brands I support. New clothes have to be small, sustainable or second hand. I aim to support brands made in the USA, are small businesses or shopping second hand. It has helped me easily eliminate unnecessary purchases. I invite you to try it even for one shopping trip, thinking about these things will let you know how you really feel about it. If the item doesn’t fit any of the criteria and you still want to buy it then you know you really like it and that’s ok.

Remember every dollar is a vote so try and vote for the right people and practices.