6 Nighttime Necessities for better, more beautiful sleep

Anna's Wind Down Rituals: 

nighttime essentials 

Let's talk sleep...

I strongly believe in BEAUTY SLEEP! Proper sleep is so important for so many reasons, helps with metabolism, stress and well, life. We need sleep to THRIVE. Get your 8 hours of sleep, I swear by it. I'm all about getting that AM workout in, but sometimes I have to listen to my body and get my sweat on later in the day to get some extra zzzZz in the morning. 

Young Living Oil Diffuser surrounded by crystals and Lakshmi 

Rituals I practice for winding down. 

  • Get Turnt up to get turned down-aka turn up that oil diffuser in calming blends like lavender, peace and calming, serenity, etc. Bonus if you play some melodic harps, tibetan bowls, or ocean sounds to compliment your diffuser ambiance.
  • Hot Tea: this is a double edged sword, as much as I love calming herbal tea before bed, it has to be well before bed for me or else my precious beauty sleep will be disturbed by having to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Ginger and peppermint are some of my favorite soothing blends and both help with calming and digestion, and this magnesium Natural Calm supplement=relaxation station, just be sure to time your tea time properly. 
The best bedside babes. 

The best bedside babes. 


  1. Eyemask: Black, Silk Eyemask. This generation is so restless and has the most trouble sleeping. A lot of this is contributed to all of the technology and screens we are constantly exposed to. The lights you are exposed to late at night disturb your sleep cycle, especially blue LEDs from phones, tablets, etc. I have a strict no TV policy for the bedroom, charge my phone in the closet, close the blinds, and AIM for no computers/tablets in bed. Bonus is my silky, blackest black eye mask. which if all of the above wasn't enough this seals the deal and prevents any light from interrupting my sleep. (especially handy if someone turns the lights on in the bedroom, and I always use it for travel.)  
  2. Notebook
    • I always keep a notebook or note pad close to my bedside. I can make a list of things I need to do the next day-swear by this- I can journal moments or experiences from the day or from the past, thoughts, dreams, ideas that come in the middle of the night. It always comes in handy and I try to make it a priority for expanded self awareness. 
  3. Water-for obvious reasons I don't like to chug water before bed, but it's nice to have just in case you wake up thirsty and to rehydrate first thing in the AM. 
  4. Moisturizer
    • Cuticle Oil-I like this especially for the winter months. And when its bedside it's easier to reach over and moisturize your nails
    • Chapstick-again, I love to be moisturized and the Treat Jumbo lip balms smell so amazing and are organic, cruelty free, Love their brand and all of their flavors! 
    • Facial lotion-I like to let my skin breathe, but sometimes it needs a little moisture and I either go for extra virgin coconut oil or this rose facial lotion that's super light and smells amazing! 
  5. Linen Spray-Ideally I would love to have clean sheets every night, but a nice linen spray is a great way to freshen them up between changes and a spritz on your pillow will set you up for a calming nights sleep. Make sure you aren't spraying chemical heavy fabric sprays like febreeze on your sheets and pillows they contain hormone disrupting chemicals that you do not want touching your skin. I always try to check beauty products through EWG to become more aware of what I'm using on or near my body. 
  6. Youth Preservation and skin care: because it's never too early to start protecting your skin. I always, always, always remove my makeup before bed and cleanse my face, no matter how tired, drunk, delirious I am, it's a must if you care about your skin. After washing, cleansing, toning I use these products: 
    • Biossance: The Revitalizer 100%  Neossance Squalene Drops I use these every night and will do a post on the origins and benefits of squalene. 
    • Youth to the People anti-aging serum, organic, vegan, cruelty free, made in LA and you see results! 
    • I am obsessed with my friend's hemp skincare line. The KB pure essentials new skincare is a must for my AM/PM routine!