Indoor House Plant Vibes

One of the first things I do when I move into a space is add some elements from nature. (Whether or not I keep those elements alive is another story) My mother, my inspiration for all things whimsical, fills our home with an abundance of plants and trees effortlessly bringing the outdoors in.

Beautiful balance of greenery poolside 

 This list of indoor plants clean the air and brighten any space, AND they are fairly low maintenance, great if you are anything like me and want to be a good plant mom, but can sometimes forget about your green babies. 

I like to mix it up with fresh, local flowers from the farmer's market, but I do prefer living plants 

The first thing to consider when decorating with living plants is the amount of sunlight the room will receive which is dependent on the direction the room is located (NESW). When I chose my house plants I went room by room taking note of what I had the space for and the direction of the room. For low sunlight-you still need enough natural light that you could theoretically read comfortably in the room for a few hours throughout the day without turning on a light. 

  • North-medium sunlight
  • South-medium-high sunlight
  • East-high sunlight
  • West-low sunlight. 


Lady Palm 

  • Palm Trees -Bamboo Palm, Parlor Palm, The Lady Palm
  • Rubber Plants
Peace Lily, I keep this beauty bedside for air refresh and beautiful AM/PM views 

Peace Lily, I keep this beauty bedside for air refresh and beautiful AM/PM views 

  • Peace Lily-*keep away from pets and children 
  • Golden Pothos-tough to kill, will tolerate overwatering and neglect 
  • Philodendrons-Heart Leaf-poisonous, (kids and children) but very low maintenance 


  • English Ivy 
  • Boston Fern 

Gorgeous Agave Plant at the Denver Botanical Gardens 

  • Aloe Vera-Sunny Succulent 

Succulents. These are so fun to mix and match the cacti in the middle is fish shaped i love its personality 

  • Succulents 
  • Snake Plant
  • Chrysanthemum-Bright light 
  • Weeping fig (ficus)-bright indirect light, maintenance can be tricky, but once you figure it out it's smooth sailing.

Air plant with planter and coasters from etsy 

  • Air Plants-so cool and just have to soak them every couple of weeks  
  • Chinese Evergreen

Dragon Tree with mini kitty 

  • Dragon Tree-Dracaenas-red edged, Janet Craig-high ceilings moderate sunlight 


Would love to grow a hemp plant in my home for the wonderful smell and benefits of the plant. Not sure if that is feasible, but maybe in my outdoor garden of the future. I would love to try juicing it so will keep you posted.