Glamping in Colorado

Intrepid Hearts Glamping in Colorado with Collective Retreats 

Get ready to wanderlust to Wolcott, CO. Nature is magnificent, I would love to go camping in the mountains, but sometimes you need to ease yourself into the full on wilderness (if you're anything like me) and Glamping is a great way to do that! (Especially if you decide to travel last minute and don't have all your camping supplies ready) 

Winston White Top, Spell and the gypsy Collective shorts, quay sunnies, frye boots details below_


For the fourth of July I'm always by the water with family and friends or wishing I was back on a Summer Eurotrip, one memorable 4th including lots of eggplant and feta on a rooftop watching fireworks in Istanbul (will do a post). This fourth of July I was pleasantly surprised with a glamping trip in the rocky mountains. We were looking into campsites also airbnb* for mountain adventures, but the last minute reservations for the holiday weekend were still fairly expensive and hotel rooms that were leaving much to be desired. Enter a great search tool to find the exact glamping experience for you: glamorous camping. This is where we found Collective Retreats

*Airbnb is really great if you are traveling throughout California, many people list rooms in their homes, guest houses or offer a fully set up campsite/tipi on their property, I wanted to find this in Colorado, but I don't think as many people use it in the mountains. 

Glamping goals. Intrepid Hearts at Collective Retreats Colorado 

There was no detail overlooked in the care the Collective Retreats team took into making our experience memorable. It's nice to just get away and enjoy the beauty of nature and it's refreshing to get a change of scenery even if it's going from inside to outside. We packed up from the city of Denver and headed west to the mountains only about 2 hours to get to these breathtaking views. 

Big Blue, the rescue longhorn bull hanging with the alpacas and sheep 

The weather in the mountains and in Colorado in general is constantly changing from sunny blue skies to grey rainstorms, we enjoyed lounging in our tent and reading, napping, and watching the clouds roll over the mountains. That being said there was still a lot of mountain adventures to be had. 

Colorado Shrine Pass hike Intrepid Hearts wanderlusting, the hills were alive... 

 Collective Retreats offers many activities such as ziplining, horse back riding, atv tours, etc. We hiked Shrine Pass near Copper Mountain. The mountains continuously inspire and amaze me, and the views from this hike were unreal. 

Red:White:Blue is in the sky. summer's in the air and baby heaven's in your eyes. 

Intrepid Hearts AM Views Collective Retreats

A basket of breakfast snacks was waiting outside the tent every AM, they also can set you up with a barbecue, pack your lunch for the day's adventures and you can reserve a farm to table dinner on site. There's also a winery on the property and you receive a complimentary wine tasting with your stay, Patrick the owner puts a lot of care and love into the wines you will be able to tell with your first taste.  You really never have to leave the ranch and you really won't want to. 

First of Spring Peas and Carrots Salad, beyond fresh and flavorful. Intrepid Hearts at Collective Retreats Colorado 

Striped Bass with Miso Ginger broth and local farm fresh veggies, I wanted to drink the broth.. and the chef offered to warm some up for me in a mug. 

Words can't describe how insane these fresh mountain berries and cream was...the flavors were perfectly paired and the garden basil really put it over the top 

Intrepid Hearts Dinner Views Collective Retreats 

Silky Milk Chocolate Mousse with wine jelly 

Personally not a huge fan of horeseback riding, however watching this group trek through I really was inspired to go horseback riding in the mountains next time. 

Saturday night Rocky Mountain  Vibes: Winston White Dress : frye boots: vintage western shirt : Pendleton bandana 

 Collective Retreats currently offers 2 locations in Colorado and one in Montana. Each location sources their supplies locally and outfits their canvas tents with local antique and vintage treasures. Truly a special experience I would recommend, only if for a night. Where are you currently wanderlusting to? 

Breathe in the beauty of what surrounds you. no matter where you are.