The Secret Weapon for Blonde Hair that contributes to OVERALL HEALTH!

This is for all my blondes out there looking to preserve their color. I like to keep my hair maintenance/all maintenance routines to a minimum and as natural as possible. For the summer I went with even cooler tones in my already blonde hair. I always feel like after invest the time and money to get my hair highlighted/colored it always ends up turning a different shade or developing more red/brassy tones. NOT OK! My go to stylist Ambrose has always recommended purple shampoo which I would use on and off, not really regularly enough to reap the benefits until Gigi who went from dark brunette to platinum blonde this summer, recommended this pravana pure light purple shampoo, which has made a WORLD of a difference for my blonde hair. *


Vitamin C Shower Filter=Total Shower Game Changer 

As I chatted with some more hair professionals I realized the water I was showering in could be the culprit. When I lived in San Diego I used a heavy duty shower filter for the shower then I guess I totally blanked on bringing that regimen up to the mile high city. I realized for Denver I needed a shower filter STAT and I refused to wash my newly colored hair until I had ordered this Vitamin C filter from Amazon, which thankfully arrived 3 days later.

Don't forget your shower filter refills ! 

I HIGHLY recommend this shower filter for everyone, not just blondes. It not only takes amazing care of my hair, but it filters the water to the point that it's so "soft" it legit feels like you are bathing in satin! I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, and hair, it is a GAME CHANGER.  Not to mention it removes chlorine and chloramides from the water benefitting not only skin and hair, but overall health. This is not a sponsored post, I researched and discovered this filter for my hair needs then discovered how necessary it is for my health and am now all around OBSESSED. A great video by Dr. Mercola on the dangers of showering "unprotected". 


Vitamin C Shower Filters Remove Chlorine and Chloramines, benefitting not only your skin and hair, but your overall HEALTH! 

  • Depending on where you live your tap water can contain more chlorine than is recommended for swimming pools. Especially in California (States with the worst tap water: CA, WI, NC, FL, TX, NY NV, PA, OH, NM) 
  • The EPA has confirmed that households in the US have elevated levels of chloroform in the air from free chlorine released from the SHOWER! 
  • Vitamin C filters remove CHLORINE!: when you shower the heat of the water vaporizes more readily and concentrates any chemicals in the water, including chlorine, and we inhale it during our shower. Inhaling chemicals causes them to be absorbed into our bloodstream faster than if we ingest them. 
  • Chlorine is harsh on the skin and can cause drying, skin rashes, eczema. Our pores become more open when we shower from the heat and water allowing the chemicals in the water and especially chlorine to be more easily absorbed into the skin. These drying effects can cause pre-mature aging of the skin, no thanks. 
  • Chlorine is confirmed to kill gut flora-I will go more in depth on gut health later, but for now the gut flora is the healthy gut bacteria we need to thrive healthily, there is more serotonin released in your GI tract than any other part of your body contributing not only to your healthy body function, but to your healthy state of mind. To preserve your gut health, eliminate your exposure to chlorine. 
  • Elevated levels of chlorine could contribute to elevated risk of breast cancer...Dr Edward Group references "A study carried out in Hartford Connecticut, the first of its kind in North America, found that; “women with breast cancer have 50% to 60% higher levels of organochlorines (chlorination byproducts) in their breast tissue than women without breast cancer.”
  • Removes Chloramines-These are even more harmful than chlorine a mixture of chlorine+ammonia 
  • By removing these chemicals you aren't polluting your house with chemicals from your water vapors during the shower

Intrepid Hearts: Icy blonde Hair by HairbyShaylee at Nine Zero One Salon 

Blonde Babe Shower Tips

  • Use Purple Sulfate-free Shampoo
    • use 1x-2x per week, lather a small amount all the way through your hair and try to leave in for at least 5-10 minutes for best results
  • Shampoo TWICE
    • This is another tip I learned from expert stylists in LA, the 1-2 occasions I wash my hair a week I first shampoo my hair with a regular shampoo to clean my hair and get all dirt and oils out and then shampoo a 2nd time with the purple shampoo to give the blonde a deep treatment without dirt or oil getting in the way.
  • Vitamin C Shower Filters the ULTIMATE GAME CHANGER especially for blondes
    • Like I said, order one on amazon now and thank me later. This is my secret weapon for skin, hair and health

Intrepid Hearts Shower Game Strong 

Shower Game on Point
Some of my go-to Shower products


What are your go to shower products and tricks? 


*I know it may seem hypocritical for me to talk about hair coloring and purple shampoo and then add content about chlorine and shower filters when both expose my body to chemicals. It's all about balance and nobody is perfect, I definitely am hyper aware of what I ingest and surround myself with. (Always check products on The reality is I realized something that I expose myself to almost daily in the shower can be more harmful than something I indulge in every 3-6 months. Would love to hear your thoughts on the subjects below!