5 Reasons To Switch Your Workout To The AM

A morning run……It feels impossible some days to get up an hour earlier to fit in a morning workout, but I promise you if you add this into your morning routine you won’t even miss that extra hour of sleep. (Not going to lie there will be the OCCASIONAL but only the occasional day that you do) Checkout this Mind Body Green Article on why you should workout outside. 


The reasons why a morning workout rocks

1) Metabolism boost

Studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning burn more calories than those who exercise at other times of the day. This phenomenon is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. To get the greatest post-workout metabolic kick, do cardio activities like high-intensity interval training. If you are looking to loose weight then the extra calorie burn is completely worth an earlier wake up call. And if you not looking to loose weight then just think of the extra snacks you can have!


2) Energy increase

I know this is not your first time hearing that a morning workout will give you more energy throughout the day, but it is absolutely true. There is major difference in my energy level. Some research has even measured the effectiveness of exercise "to wake up the mind." The results showed that exercise had almost double the impact on cognitive improvement over caffeine.


3) You are less likely to skip your workout

How many times have your started your day with every intention of coming home from work and getting your sweat just to have your workout derailed by life’s little distractions. I would say that the later I schedule my workout during the day the more likely I am to bail. I find that by the end of the day I’m low on energy and more likely to make excuses for why I can’t fit my workout in. If you begin your day with your workout there are no distractions between you and the goal ahead of you.


4) Start your day with an endorphin high

Even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, a morning workout will boost your endorphin levels, decreasing your stress levels and leaving you smiling for the rest of your day. People who exercise regularly report feeling more empowered and all around better about their work-life balance.


5) You will feel sexier

   You got your butt up early and you got your workout done. You have given yourself something to feel proud accomplished about first think in the morning. You have gotten your blood running and your feel physically strong at the start your day. These two wins will give you help to feel confident as you go through the rest of your day. NOTHING IS SEXIER THEN CONFIDENCE! Checkout this Mind Body Green Article on why you should workout outside. 

A Favorite Morning Running Route

Current Morning Wake Up And Sweat Playlist  

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