Ensenada MX Wine Country

Wandering down to Ensenada Mexico was pure magic. The food, the wine, the views, the atmosphere, the vibes. It was an experience that is yet to be matched. Below find photos telling the story of my travels there with the most wonderful people all in one day. 

Intrepid Hearts at Cuatro Cuatros wine country Valle de Guadalupe Ensenada Baja California Mexico 

We drove from San Diego and started the day at Cabañas Cuatro Cuatros  for a hearty breakfast and breathtaking views. You can rent the luxury cabañas, there is hiking, horse back riding, wine tasting and a gorgeous venue for an event/wedding. 

Ensenada Mexico, Cacti Love 

Vineyard Views 

Cabañas Restaurante at Cuatro Cuatros Ensenada Mexico

Cabañas Restaurante at Cuatro Cuatros Ensenada Mexico

AM Dining at Cuatro Cuatros 

Glamping in Ensenada MX Wine Country 

The most insane views of the Baja California Coastline from Cuatro Cuatros Ensenada Mexico

North to California 

South to Cabo

Cuatro Cuatros event space, wouldn't mind partying here. 

Encuentro Guadalupe winery, restaurant, and eco villas above 

Next we wandered to the more modern Encuentro Guadalupe where renovated storage containers dotted the hillside making up these luxury "ecovillas" with views and vibes to match the price. 

Encuentro Guadalupe Ensenada Mexico

Valle de Guadalupe Ensenada Mexico

Origen restaurant at Encuentro eco villas 

sip on some wine straight from the vines fireside at Encuentros 

Valle de Guadalupe 

Sol y Barro cob house tasting room created with clay under the Baja sun by owner and winemaker Aimé Desponds 

Next we wandered to Sol y Barro  a Swiss-Mexican owned boutique vineyard which offered wine tastings in their cob house tasting room which was a great place to beat the heat and enjoy their varietal blends. I think you can also coordinate decadent dinners there. 

I didn't know what to expect traveling here and was amazed by the beauty and bounty of this land 

Wine barrels in cob house tasting room of Sol y Barro 

One of the Sol y Barro owners/winemakers and cob house creator Aimé Desponds 

Soaking in the beauty of Ensenada Mexico, trying to plot where my airstream will be parked  

Valle de Guadalupe Ensenada MX 

Clos de Tres Cantos Winery-was unfortunately closed for tasting while we were there, but they allowed us to explore their unique space... or we just explored their space.. 

Playing on the pyramids of Clos de Tres Cantos, the wine did not help with alignment 

Finca Altozano Farm to table restaurant and Vineyard 

Finca Altozano Farm to table restaurant and Vineyard 

We ended our adventures at Finca Altozano a quite literal farm to table restaurant and vineyard that was seriously out of this world. You can get a bottle of wine and hang by the fire pits or in the adorable wine barrel silos, we chose the latter and watched the sun set over the vineyards. As if that wasn't breathtaking enough we then got to eat one of the best meals I've ever had with the moon over the mountains. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. They have gardens, some livestock and pride themselves on ONLY using ingredients local to the region, fresh from the sea and of course wines straight from the orchards of Valle Guadalupe. 

Actually perfect hangouts for wine with friends. 

Fresh bread from the hearth 

Tuna Tostada 

This was some of the most fresh and delicious food I have ever experienced. and I eat A LOT. 

Brussel Sprouts! (Col de Brusselas Fritas) 

Moonlight over the perfect dinner at Finca Altozano 

The Greatest crew. ever.

Sad to see the Sun set on our day in Ensenada 

There are lots of ways to get to Ensenada, and it's very easy from southern California. There are buses and tours that you can join like Club Tengo Hambre or chartering a van can be affordable when you split with enough friends. Grab your crew and head south of the border 

All the places to go: 

These were just a few of the amazing places we got to make it to in our one day trip down the coast and back. There is lots more to explore in Ensenada and Baja California. I can't wait to get back and explore more. Please let me know your Mexico recommendations, Oaxaca is on the top of my Mexico bucket list any recommendations?