Products To Inspire a Sexy Valentines Day

We have rounded the corner into February, which means Valentines Day is fast approaching.  To help give you a head start on planning for that special day we have rounded up some of our favorite products to help inspire a SEXY day.

Whether you are looking to get your sexy back or just enhance it Moon Juice's Sex Dust (2) is a must try this valentines day.  This magical elixir blends organic and wild medical-grade ingredients specially formulated to enhance brain chemistry and hormone production in both men and women.


Experiment with getting your vagina high with EvoLab’s Evos (3) personal lubricant. Yes, that is right ladies now our vaginas get to experience the pleasure of being high. Designed to give both men and women greater sensation, this CO2 extracted THC infused lube is guaranteed to enhance your orgasm. (not for use with latex FYI) 



Give yourself and you lover the gift of Valentines Day once a month and subscribe to a monthly intimates box. If you're in the 420 friendly state of Cali try the AuBox (7), which delivers a supply of CBD-spiked lube, cannabis massage oils and joints. If you're not in 420 states go the more traditional intimate box route and check out Fantasy box’s (4) selection of monthly subscriptions.


 Why not cozy up by a nice fire and challenge each other with a fiery game of Sexy Truth or Dare. (5)


Who couldn’t use another killer pair socks. Go check out the Stance (6) Broken heart collection.


The crossly (1) cruiser turntable allows you to set the mood with romantic tunes no matter where you are. This retro design of this portable player will allow you to set the tone for romance with old school feels. Check out our Valentine's Vibes playlist below. 


 Light some uncandles (11) to set the mood while you give your weekend warrior a sensual message with EvoLab’s Angel Salve (10). The soothing muscle salve delivers the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of THC and CBD to aid in a faster recovery. Avoid scented candles, as an alternative try diffusing Ylang Ylang, Rose, Neroli (9) , or a blend of any or all three. Each of these oils are known for their aphrodisiac properties.


 Love tokens are a great inexpensive gift for your significant other, make your own or purchase an inexpensive set by (8) Meri Meri.


 No Valentine’s day is complete without the perfect outfit for the bedroom. Try pairing one of (12) Love and Lemon’s lace bodysuits with a (13) killer pair of heels 

One Hell Of A Sexy Play List

Because what could put you more in the mood to plan the perfect date then the right tunes!