Book Club: Transformative Reads

While in the process of moving across the country I am trying not to let the stress of packing and moving hinder my transformative year and continuous journey in life to stay in a positive mindset and shine brighter every day. The challenge is real right now, but with a "low" I am taking a moment to turn this experience into a high and see the positive in the moving process. (Organization, purging items no longer needed, being back with family, keeping my cool during the moving process).


As 2017 is coming to a close I wanted to share some books that I have read this year and continue to reference that have been inspiring and truly transformative in their messages and putting them into daily practice. Looking back on my journaling from the beginning of 2017 I am refreshed to see I have been staying true to myself and my "resolutions" by practicing mindfulness, continuing to journal and prioritize all facets of health and wellness into my life every day. 

Gigi enjoying you are a Badass in January on the beautiful island of St John 

Gigi enjoying you are a Badass in January on the beautiful island of St John 

Below are some reads that are great references and reminders when you are in the process of soul searching and making the transformation into your true, best and most beautiful being. 



Journey to the Heart "Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul" Melody Beattie. 

 I feel grateful remembering when a friend recommended this book to me as we chatted about yoga (on a holiday bar crawl in Pittsburgh of all places). I purchased an inexpensive and much loved copy from Amazon and keep it by my bedside. This isn't a book you sit down and read in one sitting, although of course you could, this is a book you pick up after a long, confusing, frustrating day and you turn to the corresponding date page or just any random page and find some words of wisdom that eerily were written for your exact scenario. 

October 24 Share Your Heart with the World
"Share your heart with the world. Share willingly, openly, joyfully what you have seen, what you have learned...Share your heart with the world and you will bring healing to those you touch." 


Retox: Healthy Solutions for Real Life, Yoga, Food, Attitude: Lauren Imparato

 This beautiful book was gifted to me by my cousin Lily and I loved it so much I immediately ordered another copy for my cousin Colleen, besides the fact that I have a lot of cousins that I love and am close with this book is amazing. Lauren Imparato has a real and raw take on yoga and wellness and each chapter is a great reference for different "states of being". She gives exact yoga sequences with photos along with meditations and recipes for foods that will help get you back on track to the right state of mind. Everything from headache relief to circumventing societal pressure or increasing energy she has you covered with yoga, meditation and recipes that will combat it all. I also did a yoga sequence from this book that can be found here


You are a badass: how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life Jen Sincero

Another great and very transformative book that I breezed through and immediately passed along to Gigi. This self help guide by Jen Sincero runs through lots of different scenarios that are completely relatable and gives step by steps on how to quiet that dark inner doubt and let your brilliance and badassery shine! Gigi credits diving deeper into gratitude journaling to this book and mentions it in her Gratitude Self Care Sunday post. 

"If You're serious about changing your life, you'll find a way. If You're not, you'll find an excuse." 

If you're a caterpillar waiting to flourish into the beautiful butterfly you know you are grab one of these books and take flight! Highly recommend. 

Please share any great book recommendations below! I am going to be needing a lot of books to read soon.