Gigi's Go To Budget Activewear

We don’t always feel like dropping a ton of cash on our gym clothes. However, with the ever evolving athleisure trend it is kind of hard not to be tempted to blow your cash on that cute as hell Michi Bra. 

Anna loves this brand and their styles are cute as hell. If you have the cash then I highly recommend purchasing a few of their pieces.




Not I. I’m trying to stick to a strict budget these days so as much as I would love to support and purchase pieces from all of my favorite active brands out there my wallet just can’t handle it at the moment. One day for sure and then those $180 ultracor leggings I’ve been lusting for will be mine!

Until then my athelisure/gym wear buying strategy must take a more financially conservative approach.

My buying strategy


Invest in key staple pieces

A great legging is always a good investment.  If you take your workout outside  in the dead of winter then do drop the extra cash for a great running jacket.

Go cheap with trendy pieces and tops.

If you're wearing a great sports bra then really you can get away with wearing just about anything up top. As far as filling with cheaper trend driven pieces, well that is pretty much my cardinal rule for any budget shopping.


So who is my favorite budget athletic wear brand??????

Well I recently gave the budget fashion site zalful's atheltic wear a try for the first time. I didn’t love my experience. I was bummed because I was seriously hopeful about perhaps finding another great budget site. Unfortunately, the product was just not the quality I needed it to be if I was actually going to wear the clothes to tear up the treadmill. If you're interested in hearing more details about that you can head to Dope and Broke to read all about my experience or check out the review on our youtube page. But for now back to telling you about my go to brand.

So What budget brand I have come to love the most is ……

Forever 21

 Not only is their stuff cute as f*ck and reasonably priced, but it is also made pretty damn well. I’m telling you I have put their garments to the test. Over the last year I have purchased multiple sports bras and leggings and they have all performed and functioned as needed on countless runs and workouts. I am and continue to be thoroughly impressed by the product. I'm telling you you can't go wrong. You'll look like you blew your whole pay check on your new yoga digs and the product actually holds up and last!!!!

So I told you mine, but we would love to hear yours! What is your go to athleisure brand?

Current Forver 21 Favorites