Gigi's Go To Strain To Handle Anxiety


A friend’s seventeen year old son, who when busted for smoking weed was asked, "why he felt the need to use the drug” so eloquently responded, "because it is like a massage for my brain.” I mean can you really argue with that logic. I can absolutely relate to his sentiments. At 17 I had already been smoking for a few years. My early use of cannabis was purely recreational. However, the reason I grew so fond of the plant and its effects was because it was the only non-chemical substance I could find that would stop my spiral downward mid anxiety attack. It must be stated that not all strains provide a calming effect. In fact, for many a hit or two off a joint is enough to throw them head first into a full blown panic attack complete with heart palpitations and extreme paranoia.  The key is figuring out which strains work best for you. Sativa dominant strains high in THC like, Green Crack,  Serious 6, and Girl Scout Cookie, come with a higher risk of developing raciness, anxiety, or mental hype. In contrast, CBD dominant strains counteract THC’s paranoia while simultaneously amplifying its painkilling properties.The good news is, gone are the days when the focus was solely on creating high THC strains. Due to the demand for medicinal cannabis, the development of CBD dominant strains has exploded. Not only are high-CBD strains, being used for the treatment of anxiety and anxiety disorders like PTSD, but they are also being used for seizure disordersmuscle spasms, and severe painSo what is my go to strain for anxiety???????????????

If you suffer from anxiety try carry a piece of kyanite on you. This beautiful blue stone promotes tranquility and calming.

If you suffer from anxiety try carry a piece of kyanite on you. This beautiful blue stone promotes tranquility and calming.



Appropriately named for the flower’s multicolored appearance, Harleqiun is covered with little hairs that show an impressive range of orange and red hues. The name in general is pretty freakin awesome.  The best description I have read to describe harlequin’s effect is that it is similar to a super potent chamomile tea. This high CBD strain is extremely soothing and comes with the extra bonus of tingly body euphoria. A few hits and I am able to melt without completely shutting down. It is all clear headed relaxation minus the sleepiness. Despite its dank appearance, I can honestly say that I have never experienced any noticeable psychoactive affect from using this strain. There are now plenty of great CBD dominant strains to choose from however, Harlequin remains a favorite of mine because the strain consistently produces plants that have a 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC. This flower consistently delivers me with the therapeutic results I need in order to help me control my anxiety. Roll it up, vape it, or use it to make some yummy therapeutic cannabliss butter!


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