Self Care Sundays: Kundalini

Keeping up with a regular yoga practice, kundalini practice and meditation practice seems like a lot in this fast paced tech heavy world we live in now. But think about how many TV shows you have seen every episode of or have binge watched. During one episode of game of thrones you could have done yoga, kundalini and meditated. It's just about priorities and for a lot of people spirituality isn't at the top of the list. Which is fine, YOU DO YOU, but just imagine a world where people did slow down and take time to look inward. It makes reflecting your love for yourself onto others a lot easier. 

I share my personal kundalini journey below. To learn more on the history of kundalini and the kundalini meditation video skip to the bottom. 


My Kundalini Journey

My first Kundalini class was at Prana Yoga in La Jolla, San Diego. I don’t think I knew anything about Kundalini when I went, I just looked at the schedule thought that a "meditation class" sounded nice and waltzed in and wanted to see what it was all about. I remember I was definitely the youngest person there by far, but although my young self found it a bit strange at first not knowing anything about kundalini, I went to a few more classes because it resonated with me and I thought there must be something to it since these older, wiser yogis had a dedicated practice to it. 


Flash forward a year or two and I am in Denver at the beautiful Green Lodge Goddess Gatherings hosted by my dear friends Maggie and Aleecia. The Stoned Housewife and Luminous Collections. Each gathering included a Kundalini class by the amazing and magical beauty Loren of Ritual Radiance. This re-ignited my kundalini practice. Someone in my age range I could relate to was the instructor. Her brand name is on point because she radiated the confidence, beauty and light that I was looking for and I knew that keeping up with a regular practice would help to raise my vibrations and get me on a deeper journey within myself. We bonded as Goddesses after the Kundalini class and she was flawless, glowing and down to earth AF. A beautiful, bountiful kundalini yoga instructor who radiates beauty from within AND is a cool ass chick? SAVAGE. My new idol ❤️ After the first initial class with Loren I continued my home practice regularly for about 2.5 weeks until life got hectic and I didn’t prioritize my practice. But that was alright because every month was a green lodge gathering and I was back at it again with another wonderful kundalini class by Ritual Radiance and it would jump start my kundalini cycle again.


This went on for a few months and then the full fire energy of the summer season came with non stop activities and visitors. Taking time to myself wasn't my top priority. This is part of the reason I thought to create self care Sunday features on this site, so I could hold myself accountable to at least take some conscious time for myself once a week. My beautiful cousin who is also one of my very best friends was visiting and we did a kundalini meditation together and she introduced me to the high vibe livin girls now the Elevate the globe babes. I started following them on my insta and would see them pop up every now and again..


One night I was making dinner and I must have accidentally clicked something on my phone and all of a sudden the elevate the globe gals were on Instagram live and I kept it on while I cooked. They were gearing up for their 8 week rise up course and talking about their spiritual experiences and visit with John of God in South America. Some of their stories and realizations hit home for me and I was definitely ready to get back into my kundalini practice and raise my vibration.


One of the things that really resonated with me was that during their John of God experience they ended up connecting with Brit's Mom who had passed and she gave them the message that she was working from the other side to help them on their journey of bringing awareness and raising the vibration of the globe by starting with bettering themselves and then spreading the positive vibrations and energy by inspiring and educating others. My aunt who I lost to cancer was one of the brightest most beautiful lights to everyone around her. A mother, yoga instructor, masseuse, reiki master and all around amazing person she always was raising the energy of those around her. I started my yoga practice after she had passed and I have always connected with her spirit in many of my classes. It's a bonding time and I do believe that her influence has helped me on my path of spirituality and I'm so grateful for her teachings while here on Earth and continuing to inspire my journey from the heavens. 


Kundalini in particular is beneficial for changing the energy and vibration of your being. The word comes from the Sanskrit word "Kundal" meaning coiled up. It is believed that everyone possesses and is born with a coiled up, divine kundalini energy at the base of our spines that we must work to uncoil, to awaken our higher selves and connect to the divine energy of the universe, We all have the potential within us, but have to work to unleash it and connect deeper to our higher selves. Brightening the light within you reflects onto others around you and you will find yourself surrounded by other bright beings or inspiring others to brighten their light. It starts a chain reaction of positivity and peace. 

Starting a daily kundalini routine also called Sadhana is a stepping stone in the journey of inner healing and getting on the right path to a kundalini awakening. 

HarJiwan, a pioneer in the Kundalini yoga world who studied directly under Yogi Bhajan and brought the first kundalini center to Australia said the act of building a daily spiritual practice (or Sadhana) is “an act of self-care and self-love and the first step to healing the planet.”

Today I am only on day 17 of consecutive kundalini and yoga practice, but I look forward to reaching 40 days +. It's about the journey and getting back into the routine when life gets in the way. 


I invite you on this journey and see what works for your soul. Awakening the soul is an experience everyone deserves to have in this life. What do you have to lose? You can start with only 3 minutes a day. (That's about the same amount of time as the hulu commercials). It's the quickest self care practice you can invest in that can help you reap major benefits.