A Sunday Girl Date

I’ve been all about girl dates as of late..........



I am a product of an all girl, private, catholic school. I was always surrounded by girls but I never actually had like my own little girl gang until I reached my mid 20's. I have had plenty of great friends both male and female throughout the years, but I always felt a bit more like one of the guys. While the girls would all congregate at an apartment to get ready together on a Friday night in college, 9 out of 10 times I would already be with the guys smoking a blunt, riding mopeds down the apartment halls, or whatever the mischief du jour was for the evening. Given the choice between spending three hours getting ready or adventuring adventuring won out 99.9% of the time.

The thing is girl time is fucking vitally important. I realized that a bit late in the game in life but oh well better late then never!!!  

 Hanging with the guys is a blast but they are never going to be able to commiserate with you over period cramps, the perfect boot quest, or the never ending battle to repel all f*ck boyz. You need, I need, we all need that precious time with other like minded babes to just be “girly.” Girly is subjective to me it is just doing or chatting about those things that your “boyz” would never ever understand.

I guarantee you an afternoon of deep belly laughs and laughter is the ultimate self care therapy!


So screw lazy Sunday and get your girls together to roll up into this week in style. Here is a few ways you and your ladies can murder the day ........


Shake Your Asses Like No One Is Watching

Because no is. Just you, your girls, a good Spotify playlist, and perhaps a joint. Turn your living room into a dance studio and channel your inner Beyonce. It feels good and it is a great calorie burner.


Yoga and Coffee

or yoga and brunch or yoga and beers. Really yoga and whatever your jam is! Just grab your girls, head to a class, say bye, bye to any bad vibes from the week prior, and roll into the upcoming Monday high vibing. Namaste Bitches!


A Wine Tasting

And if you don't want to detox then just keep going. Head to a few local wineries and booze it up. Not limited to wine, with so many awesome craft breweries popping up you babes could totally turn this into a beer tasting. Pre-tasting brunch and and Uber are necessary!


Channel Your Inner Chef

I grew up religiously having big Italian family dinners every Sunday. Unfortunately, those dinners don't happen as regularly as they use to. Fortunately, this opens up the opportunity to recreate Sunday dinners with my chosen family. So get a little stony with your girls, get creative in the kitchen for the afternoon, and whip up a yummy Sunday feast. If your feeling generous maybe invite the boys over for the meal, but for sure leave them with clean up!


So Ditch Your Man And Spend The Day Girling It Up With Your Ladies!