Say No To Silicone In Your Bodycare


In case you haven’t heard we partnered with WholeFoods to do a bit of product testing this past month. Rather then just write a product review I thought this would be a great opportunity to also do a little educating about the different ingredients used in conventional body care. With each product review we are doing some shit talking - but seriously we are getting into the not so nice effects- of the ingredients used in the more chemical based counterparts of the natural alternatives that I am reviewing. Today we are talking silicone use in body care……..


Before you drop $40 dollars on a bottle of Moroccan Oil take a good look at the ingredient list. If you look at the labels of most conventional beauty brands you will often find one or more silicones appearing at the top of the ingredient list. CyclomethiconeCycloesasiloxaneDimethicone, and Cyclopentasiloxane are four of the most common silicones found on the labels of today’s most popular beauty products. As of 2015 50% of all new body care brought to market contained one or more silicones. It is surely ironic that this popular ingredient, consistently found in products that are are marketed for shinier hair and softer skin, is actually super drying and damaging. To be fair these products aren’t entirely lying to you with their claims and many of them will in fact give you short term results but with short term results comes more long term damage. 

In Our Hair Care

Companies like to claim that the silicones in their products are included to provide protection from heat styling and moisture loss, as well as enhance luster, smoothness and manageability. 


The truth.....Thicker silicones, such as dimethicones, which are often found in leave-in treatments and serums, can build up along the hair cuticle over time like a film and require clarifying shampoos for removal. If you are like myself and go days without washing your hair then these silicones may start to make your hair look weighed down and dull because the silicone coating attracts debris and dirt. The coating deposited by silicones onto the hair shaft prevents the hair from absorbing the necessary water and nutrients. In the case of people already suffering from dry hair, using these products will definitely make things worse.


In Our Skin Care

Companies love using silicones because they are an ingredient that essentially makes lotions, foundations, and serums - the beauty list goes on and on- creamy. The smooth texture that silicone creates is perfect for filling in the fine lines and wrinkles on the face, which is why it’s often used in makeup primers.


The truth.... silicones like dimethicone, form a slick film or "layer" over your skin. It is exactly this slick "layer" that gives one the illusion of feeling hydration. Unfortunately, this barrier totally screws with your skins ability to self regulate. Silicone being the effective barrier that it is, traps dead skin cells under this layer. Without  the shedding those dead skin cells the production of new cells is inhibited. Impaired cell renewal means more fine lines and wrinkles! If wrinkles and lines aren’t enough of a deterrent, prolonged silicone use has been linked to acne and eczema breakouts, especially for those with already sensitive skin.

Think about this if it is in your moisturizers and creams, you may be wearing it all day and all night. Does your skin ever get a break?


In regards to both hair and skin products at the end of the day one of the major driving points behind their use is because they are cheap cheap cheap! Manufactures are able to keep cost down and increase their profit margins by using inexpensive fillers.

Ok, so maybe your ok with all that, here is another major downfall of Silicone use……… THEY ARE A NON-BIODEGRADABLE CHEMICAL. This stuff is constantly being washed down our drains and thrown into our landfills and it is No Bueno for our environment.


 Now, I’m not suggesting that you throw all your products out and walk around with bad frizzy hair and dry skin. I’m just saying maybe when that $40 hair oil runs out you consider restocking your bathroom with a silicone free alternative. They do exist and I have found quite a few that I swear by.


Here are the two great silicone free products that I got to try out over the past month…….. I was not disappointed with the results. 

Pacifica Native Flower Hair Oil 

My hair has been abused so hair oil is a must for me. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with thick luscious locks and many a oil has left my hair looking super greasy or weighed down. I am happy to report not this stuff!  I am totally loving this product. I’ve been using it on my hair right out of the shower and wet; as well as on day one, two, or three dry hair -this number could go up 💁🏼 and have had equally great results. Pacifica blends their oil with a mix of both coating and penetrating making this oil perfect for almost every hair. Toss your chi thermal protection and instead use this oil to protect your hair from the harsh heat of styling.


What Is In The Bottle

sunflower seed oil avocado) oil

jojoba seed oil

argan oil olive fruit oil  

almond oil

 jasmine essential oil


The Seaweed Bath Co. Hydrating Body Cream


So I’m like dry as a desert and my complexion is dark enough that I legit get ashy if I don’t moisturize post shower. Though I typically prefer a thicker texture to my body cream, this lotion proves that a product can be both super light whilst still providing great hydration. The company chose its name because they incorporate Maine bladderwrack across their entire product line. 

Some of its key benefits of this magical seaweed are…..

  • Nutrient rich with 65+ vitamins, minerals and amino acids to rejuvenate to skin and hair
  • Detoxifying: Iodine levels in bladderwrack seaweed help the skin’s natural detoxification process to flush environmental toxins and heavy metals
  • Anti-inflammatory: Fucoidan and phlorotannin, two bioactives in bladderwrack seaweed, have been shown in numerous studies to reduce redness and irritation in inflamed skin
  • Moisturizing: An abundance of amino acids help to increase hydration and improve skin elasticity, which reduces the signs of aging
  • Conditioning: Vitamins A, Beta-Carotene, B1, B12, C, E and K naturally condition and promote healthy hair
  • Smoothing: Increases microcirculation to aid the body in shedding excess fluids to reduce the appearance of cellulite

 I had never heard of this brand until I was given the body cream to try out. When I headed to their website I was instantly feeling their vibe. I soo can't wait to give their Firm + Lift Mask a try!


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