What The F*ck To Wear For Thanksgiving

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving is all about the food. Sure, we love to see our family and friends but the main focus is on dinner.


This holiday season, focus on your comfort as well as the comfort food that will be served. Feel good and look good without breaking the bank by choosing some of these affordable steals.


If you want to wear an outfit that makes you look put-together but still has enough room to hide the turkey and mashed potatoes food baby that will most definitely be in your belly, this is what you need to wear:



A cozy, chic sweater



It’s fall and depending on where you are located, it is probably getting chilly this time of year. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable while stuffing your face with stuffing.


A t-shirt


All that eating and drinking may cause you to get a bit flushed. You don’t want to be sweating in your sweater so layer a t-shirt underneath so that you can take it off if you get a bit overheated. Plus, if you’re helping out in the kitchen at all that day, it can get super steamy up in there with all the cooking going on.


Patterned Leggings


Leggings are an all-time favorite of mine. I love to choose leggings that look pretty much like nice pants with a pattern. This way, you’re good to fill your belly with food thanks to the flexibility of the elastic waist band and your mother thinks you’ve actually put an effort into looking decent for the holiday.



Slip-On Mules 

Metallic Backless Loafer

Metallic Backless Loafer

Mule slides are all the rage this season. Every celeb is wearing them. Slip into a pair of these comfortable flats instead of opting for heels this holiday season. Plus, if you are at your family or friends house you will likely be taking your shoes on and off throughout the day and night so a pair of slide-on mules will make it easy.



A duster jacket

I’ve said this many times on my website but it is true, a duster jacket makes EVERY outfit look better. You could throw a duster jacket over sweatpants and you’ll look like a Kardashian.

This jacket will pull the whole outfit together. Your family and friends will be totally impressed.


Statement jewelry


Two Fold Gold Ring

Two Fold Gold Ring

Picture1 copy.jpg

Pick one piece of statement jewelry to wear with this outfit. This could be a cocktail ring, a standout necklace, big earrings, or a bracelet—whatever you like wearing the most. This will just add a little something extra to your outfit.

Grey Diamante Tassel Earings

Grey Diamante Tassel Earings



You will be looking so stylish this Thanksgiving no one would ever guess that you could pretty much sleep in everything that you are wearing because it is so cozy.

Happy holidays everyone!


-Amanda Katherine

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