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After a week long holiday hiatus we are back and kicking of this New Year’s with what I feel is a pretty appropriate post given the day. As most of us are this time of the year, I am coming off a week long spree of festivities. This holiday season was particularly amped up for me as I had my cousin’s wedding this past Friday. With all of the celebration going on around me I can not exactly claim that I was at my healthiest. However, I’ve been doing my best to try and maintain some semblance of moderation when it comes to my alcohol intake. I thinkI’m doing a pretty good job as I’ve only suffered from one post wedding hangover yesterday morning -I mean it was my cousin’s wedding so totally worth it. 

Tonight is New Years soooo maybe I’ll be singing a different tune tomorrow AM but this will have already been published. I will post my status on our IG story.

When it comes to being hung post celebration we all know the familiar feels we go through ........

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Each time we curse ourselves and swear of drinking for good and we hope hope and pray for some magical cure that will make us feel better. I’ve got some good and bad news for you on that. We will start first with the bad news first………

 There Is No Cure For A Hangover

Now let’s soften that blow with so better news………

The Right Hangover Care Can Speed Recovery Time And Make The Experience Much More Bearable.


The only thing that will ever really cure a hangover is time. There are plenty of claims for hangover cure alls but I’m sorry to report they are pretty much just that, claims. I think my favorite claim may be the old hair of the dog myth, which is pretty much just an excuse to keep drinking. Yes, you feel some temporary relief but it aIt's not so much a hangover cure as a hangover delayer. Ultimately what your liver really needs is the time to break down the hangover-inducing toxins from your one two many dirty martinis yesterday evening. I can’t give you cures but I can give you some do’s and don’ts to help speed up your bodies recovery process.

Gigi's Hangover RX.....The Do's And DoN'ts

Greasy Foods Aren't Doing You Any Favors

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Yea I know most of us have been totally lead to believe that a greasy meal is the best way to absorb the alcohol but I’m sorry to say this is not the case. I know and I’m sorry! I too kind of loved being able to justify a completely unhealthy meal as my hangover cure. The thing is that unhealthy meal is better eaten prior to drinking verses post. If your raging all night and go to bed then by the time you wake up all of that alcohol is already absorbed into your system. At this point a greasy meal ain’t doing shit for your stomach except potentially making it feel worse. Instead of going with a greasy breakfast sandwich ………


Think Complex Carbs

Refined sugars are going to make your already plumeting blood sugar crash even harder. That headache, weakness, and fatigue you get with your hangover are all symptoms of low glucose levels. Bagels may they be delicious will do you no favors, instead your likely to experience what appears to be relief due to a temporary glucose boost. I can not stress the word TEMPORARY enough as this relief will be quickly followed by another major crash that will prolong your hangover symptoms and potentially make them worse. Complex carbs on the other hand will help balance your blood sugar. Because complex carbohydrates slowly release sugar into your bloodstream you will experience a prolonged and steady energy boost minus the crash. So yea maybe trade in your calorie filled breakie sandwich for a big bowl of oats. Loving Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal on a hangover morning as there is really no easier to make superfood oatmeal one can make. Like you could literally just turn on your faucet, add water, and stir.


Maybe Throw Some Bananas On Top 


I have the worlds smallest bladder and of course drinking only exasperates this issue. Breaking the seal is the worst! Not only are you suddenly cursing the killer jumpsuit you have on, but you're also flushing out vital minerals and electrolytes from your system with every trip to the bathroom. You know that shaky feeling you get when your hungover or how about twitching muscles? Well, those are two clear symptoms that your body needs potassium,” Bananas are a great source of potassium and they are also super gentle on your stomach. Slice them up and throw them on top of your oats or if solid foods seem to aggressive throw them in a smoothie. If your really really doubtful you can handle even a smoothie then…….


How About A Bowl Of Chicken Noodle 

 A big bowl of soup will help to restock your bodies sodium and water levels in the body, which have been depleted.  If you go with chicken soup specifically you will also receive the added benefits of cysteine from the chicken. The Cysteine helps to give your liver a much-needed boost by aiding in the break down of acetaldehyde, one of the toxins left behind as your body processes alcohol. If your a vegetarian then how about……


Some Miso Soup

Miso soup is another great morning-after remedy.The miso broth will help to rehydrates your body while and restocking your bodies sodium levels. Miso is a fermented food, which means that it is loaded with probiotics, that will aid digestion and soothe your upset and queasy stomach. If you can try scrambling an eggs into your miso, as eggs same liver supporting  amino acid, cysteine, as chicken.


Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!!!

Last but certainly not least rehydrating your body is critical to a speedy recovery. I believe we have already covered it but incase you missed the message -Alcohol is a diuretic so it expels water before it can be absorbed, hence after an evening raging your body is as dry as the Mojave desert. So drink water and plenty of it. Yes, sports drinks are a valid way to rehydrate but they also contain a ton of refined sugar and you should be avoiding those. If your looking for an extra boost in your hydration game try hydration tablets as they elevate your water and replenish your body with much needed electrolytes sans the added sugar and gross dyes found in sports drinks. One product Anna and I are into right now is Liquid Iv, a Non-GMO electrolyte that is capable of providing the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water.


If your reading this there is a good chance you may already be hung. If that is the case I then I hope these tips serve you well. To All of you babes hung and not hung I wish you a very Happy Happy New Year.


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