Why and How To Celebrate A Very Single Valentine's Day!

Cheers to all of us single ladies! Being single is something to celebrate. Whether you are recently out of a relationship or you’re the forever single girl being a single girl on this holiday should feel f*cking awesome and empowering. Here’s why……….. 


If you’re the forever single girl in your girl squad it is likely your singledom stems from your badassery, rather then some affliction that renders you unable to find a mate. The reality of it is that you are likely single because you have your priorities in order and your focused on achieving your goals rather then chasing around fuccboizzz

For all of you ladies who are recently new to this single world………Welcome!

Whether you walked away or they did, you have even more of a reason to celebrate your single status this holiday. Seriously, let’s not harp on the loss of your relationship (which is really no loss at all) and be real; whether you see it or not at the moment whoever you were with was clearly not the right one. It is time to focus on yourself rather then expend your energy on some fucccboy with diminishing returns. So rather then feel sorry for yourself this Valentine’s Day look at this years Vday as a thanksgiving of sorts and be extremely thankful that you are no longer wasting your time and energy on that shit. 

So girls keep doing you, make your goals your priority, chase after your dreams, and D.A.R.E TO RESIST FUCCBOIZZ by never settling for someone who doesn't value you as much as you value yourself.


Love Love yourself. …….Here are Six great ways to celebrate this day solo.

1. Anti-Valentine's Day PotLuck

Who says you need a “significant” other to have a candlelight dinner. Gather your single friends and make like Jessica Biel’s character in Valentine’s Day by hosting an anti-Valentine’s day party. Invite your crew over for a potluck dinner and shower each other with love.  Check out Anna’s Valentine’s Dinner post for yummy recipe ideas.

2. Spend The Night With Your Celebrity Crush

Even if it feels like most of your friends are busy or coupled off you can still have that candlelight dinner. Plan movie marathon featuring your favorite celebrity crush. Order your favorite take out, light some candles, and spend the evening with your dream guy.


 3) Spoil Yourself With A Spa Day

You don’t have to worry buying about spending your cash on presents for someone else, so take that extra dough and treat yourself to a spa treatment.


4) Home Spa

If you'd rather save the cash, pamper yourself at home! Checkout Lush's instagram for some home spa inspiration. Grab a good book, light some candles, draw a bath and pour yourself some bubbly. Need a good book? get yourself a copy of Jen Sincero's You Are A Badass and be inspired, set the world on fire with the fabulousness that is YOU!

Bath Goals!!!!!

Bath Goals!!!!!

5) Take yourself out!

More and more restaurants and bars are jumping on the Anti-Valentine's day bandwagon and offering specials and events just for us. Take a look at this great post from Bravo's blog highlighting restaurants and bars that are catering to those of us flying solo this Valentine's Day.  


6. Volunteer

Give the gift of love and kindness and volunteer within your community. Love and Kindenss begets love and kindness so what better way to attract those things into your own life then by giving that gift to others. Head to volunteermatch.org to find volunteer opportunities within your community.


Remember Girls..........

And Keep Loving Yourself!