Festival Camping Checklist

These are the basics to make your car-camping festival experience as comfortable and cleanly as possible. 


  • Tarp-THE base of your site, put your tent over this to protect yourself from waking up in a puddle. 
  • Tent-Shelter-these pop up ones are the quickest, easiest things ever. 
  • Canopy-if you will be hanging at your campsite it’s nice to have some shade, don’t forget stakes to keep it from blowing away while you're in the festival. 
  • Chairs-for chilling at the campsite, camp chairs, beach chairs, or get with the times and hang on a few of these inflatable air loungers 
  • Table-nice to have a fold up table to eat, set your drinks, boom box, etc. if you plan on hanging at your campsite. 
  • Flashlights/headlamp-lifesaver when you are looking for things at the end of the night its nice to conserve your phone battery and have a physical flashlight or headlamp-super dorky, but hands free. I love the one my grandparents gave me I just wrap it around my wrist when I walk through the dark campsites. 
  • Camp shower-you can also create a makeshift one…(Pool Noodle+Water Carrier on top of a car-set water in the sun=makeshift shower in your swim trunks!) 
  • Water Carrier-this makes it easy to fill up your water at water fill up stations at the campsites and use for washing your hands/Camp shower
  • Umbrellas-couldn’t hurt to have a travel umbrella in your car. 
  • Air Lounger/hammock-for chilling in the festival something lightweight to lounge on is optimal. 
  • Portable phone charger/Car charger/solar charger- to charge phone/camera batteries. Most festivals have convenient charging stations you can refuel your devices now, but you can always bring something to refuel at your car in the AM. 
  • Car Jumpstarter kit-(in case you charge your phone battery too long and drain your car battery.) These jumpstarter kits are easy to keep on hand just make sure they are charged before you go. 
  • Pole/flag for campsite-this makes those late nights finding your campsite a little bit easier. Don't forget the portable flagpole (The more unique the better)  



  • sleeping bags
  • air mattress/bedding-(air mattress if you will have access to something that will fuel the pump to get it pumped up) 
  • pillows
  • blankets

Clothes-See our Festival Fashion guide Here

Some key Accessories: 

  • Layers-lots of hots and colds. 
  • Boots-will save your feet from the dirt and dust. 
  • Rainboots-if it calls for rain you will save yourself from mud ruining your shoes. 
  • Backpack-for all your festival necessities. 
  • Bathing Suit-for outdoor showers etc.  
  • Sunglasses-shades that would be ok with potentially losing. 
  • Ear plugs-tinnitus is real, also ear plugs are great for day time naps when campsites are loud. 
  • Eyemask- for a day time snooze or to completely block out the haterz. 


  • H2O-can never have too much! Bring gallons and gallons of drinking water to stay hydrated! It's helpful to have an easy way to dispense it, like this vessel
  • Utensils-BIODEGRADABLE utensils. 
  • Plates and Cups-Biodegradable flatware.  
  • Paper Towels-for messes
  • Napkins-for eating 
  • Garbage bags-Necessary. Leave your campsite as you found it, without a trace of humanity. 
  • Reusable h2o bottles-to fill up your water inside the festival. 
  • Cooler-If you are bringing food or want to keep your booze cold-we load up with dry ice and then top with bagged ice and seal our food in bags. This will help the cooler last all weekend without constantly buying the expensive bags of ice on site. Also these Yeti coolers are supposed to be the bomb.com and will definitely maximize your insulation for the long weekend. 

Snickery Snack Ideas- Foods that are easy to transport, won't get too messy and are healthy and hydrating. Some ideas: 


  • Air Lounger
  • Yoga mats-If you want to stay active and stretch it out after a night of dancing most festivals have some kind of yoga going on during the day. It’s nice to have a yoga mat of your own, but sometimes if you get to the yoga class early the early birds get free mats. 
  • Scarf/Light Fabric-I found a scarf similar to this at Target and bring it everywhere. It is great as a shawl if you’re cold, a blanket to sit on with friends and is way lighter than lugging around a towel or blanket. 
  • Kopari-glittery coconut oil to add some sparkle and hydration to your skin
  • Glitter-straight up 
  • Henna-always fun and festival-y
  • Bubbles-no explanation needed. 
  • Essential Oils-I never go anywhere without these, peppermint is my ride or die. This is crucial at a festival it is an instant refresh, freshens your breath, is uplifting and cooling. 
    • Peppermint=MUST
    • Lemon/Grapefruit-for flavoring the water from the refill stations
    • Joy/abundance-a natural perfume to become more botanical between sets. 
    • Tea tree oil- for breakouts 
    • Lavender-for turning down at the end of the night.
    • Black pepper-the smell/taste of black pepper could help someone come down from a bad trip (something to do with the terpenes in it-a post on that later). 
  • Spray Fans-the crowd loves a cooling refresh in between sets. 
  • Flash Tatts-Totally so 2014, but if you're going to use them the best place is at a festival where pretty much anything goes. 
  • Parasol-kind of bulky to carry around, but it provides your own shade and can be a fashion statement. 
  • Glowsticks/light up anything-stay trippy mane. 
  • "Inside joke" sign with pole-so your friends can find you in the crowds. (think pop culture, a friends face cut out, oprah cut out, TV show reference, a blow up flamingo, etc. get creative and don't forget LED lights for night raves.) Have to be sneaky getting these in to the venues sometimes. 

So start blasting this spotify playlist and get packing! What are your festival ride or dies?