The Magical Powers of Plant Terpenes

Terpenes are a universal language- understood by plants, bacteria, fungi, and humans alike. They facilitate inter-species communication, serve as personal defense mechanisms, and largely create the flavor and aroma of plants. Terpenes are AWESOME!!

The cannabis plant is the queen of terpenes. Not only do they create flavor and aroma in the plant, but they also dictate the effects. Terpenes are predominantly responsible for the specific nature of various strains and guide their classification within the indica, sativa, hybrid model. These little organic compounds contribute to the therapeutic benefits that cannabis users experience through a phenomenon called the Entourage Effect. As cannabis use becomes legalized and normalized, the scientific community will finally have the opportunity to research the plant and discover the mechanisms behind the compounds that are relieving painreducing seizures and killing cancer cells

Whether you smell or smoke the cannabis flower, the aroma and flavor from the complex blend of terpenes inevitably shines through. These valuable compounds are typically distilled, captured, and concentrated to produce high quality essential oils. This is why essential oils offer such therapeutic effects. Below are a few of the many terpenes that are found in plants. The terpenes listed can be found in cannabis and have amazing healing qualities. 

Bisabolol: Found in German chammomile, used in beauty products for hundreds of years, known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties. 

Caryophyllene: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, protects digestive tract lining. Cannabis, peppercorns, rosemary, hops, clove, spicy, sweet, woody, camphor, pepper, earthy. 

Carene: High concentrations in cannabis strains when inhaled could contribute to coughing, itchy throat and eyes. Found in cedar, rosemary, pine, bell pepper, grapefruit, citrus peels, basil, cypress, juniper berry, fir, cypress. 

Eucalyptol: Camphor, spicy, cooling. Used as a cough suppressant. Found in eucalyptus, laurel, bay leaves, tea tree, rosemary, sage. 

Geraniol: Could inhibit cell growth of cancerous tumors. Mosquito repellent. Anti-oxidant, anti-microbial properties, gives floral notes in beers. Found in roses, wine grapes, geraniums, citronella, lemons.   

Humulene: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, appetite suppressant. Spicy, earthy, green. Found in hops, coriander, basil, clove, ginseng. 

Limonene: Assists in the absorption of other terpenes, treats acid reflux, antidepressant, anti-anxiety. Utilized as a insecticide by plants. Found in: citrus fruit rinds, lemons, grapefruit, juniper, peppermint. 

Linalool: Stress relieving and immune boosting. Produced by mint, citrus and laurel families.  Very widespread terpene, gives floral, lilies, candied spice notes. Found in mints lavender, cinnamon, laurels. 

Myrcene: Associated with sleep and as a muscle relaxant, contributes to sedative effects of heavy indicas. Prevalent in most strains of cannabis. Found in myrtles, hops, cannabis, cloves, assorted fruit, greens, vegetative, mango 

Nerolidol: Anti-oxidant, sedative properties, acts as a catalyst for skin absorption.  Natural, leafy, vegetal, earthy, tree bark, lemongrass tones . Found in neroli, ginger, jasmine lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, orange blossom. 

P-Cymene: Reduces swelling, analgesic, anti-inflammatory. Wood and lemon scent Found in star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, coriander, eucalyptus. 

Pinene: Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, bronchodilator, aids memory, anti-bacterial. Notes of pine needles, forest, fresh, mountains, cool. Found in pines, rosemary and other trees in coniferous family. 

Terpinolene: Anti-fungal, anti-microbial anti-oxidant properties. Junipers, orange peel, smoky, cumin, ginger, pepper, lilac tea tree, cedar, apple. 

To learn more about the extraction of terpenes and to find the only full spectrum cannabis terpenes on the market check out this Medical Jane Article by Evolab. For terpene infusion inspiration watch Bong Appétit on  ViceLand ! 

To read more about the different Terpenes check out these articles I referenced on conflabs and medical jane . Also check out some of the differences of Indicas and Sativas  in terms of strains. I personally believe that strains have been crossed so many times that the true characteristics of indica and sativas aren't always reflected and theterpenes within the strains are what actually determine the effects of the plant. 

Disclaimer: All Recipes created for this blog are made within a 420 friendly state. Though we may not agree with the laws placed against Marijuana throughout this country, we are in no way advocating or suggesting that you break the laws within your own state.  If you disagree with said laws I highly urge you to fight against the laws restricting marijuana within your state. That being said all recipes on this site are only intended for use by those who live in states or countries were medical and or recreational use of marijuana is legal, for those who are of 21 years of age and of sound mind. Remember to never operate heavy machinery or drive a car under the influence of cannabis.