Afternoon Energy Boost that's Healthier than Coffee

Gigi and I love whipping up Dandy Blend Lattes. I personally don't drink coffee although I love the taste I am way too sensitive to the caffeine. A perfect alternative is Dandy Blend tea it gives an energy boost like caffeine, without the crash and anxiety. Plus it tastes reminiscent of coffee from the roasted herbs and roots that make up the blend. The recipe below also includes bonus superfoods that makes this elixir into a hormone balancing, natural energy boosting, nutrient and mineral rich power drink. 

The Ingredients and Benefits

Extracts of Roasted


  • Chicory Root-anti-inflammatory, protects the liver, reduces stress
  • Dandelion Root-Full of lots of vitamins and minerals dandelion root is great for liver support and detoxification, also helps clear skin and balance hormones. 
  • Beetroot- High in Iron, Folate and antioxidants beetroot can also help to lower blood pressure
  • Rye*
  • Barley*

*Although these roots are included in the blend it is in fact gluten free meaning people like Gigi who have celiac's can still enjoy this drink. They explain on their site: "It does not contain barley and rye. It contains the water extracts of barley and rye, and that is a big difference. Gluten and Gliadin proteins are not water soluble. That means that all gluten and gliadin are left behind in the grounds, and get thrown away (usually composted)." To read the full explanation on how it is gluten free click here

Added Superfoods

  • Maca: Adaptogenic Power Herb that specializes in hormone balance and energy boosts.
  • Ashwagandha: Ayurvedic herb that helps to replenish adrenal function by lowering cortisol levels and providing stress relief
  • Vanilla Bean Powder-More than just a pleasing taste these powerful pods can help to lower cholesterol and can fight inflammation. 
  • Himalayan Salt-High in mineral content it can help balance blood sugar and balance the PH of the body. 
  • Raw Honey-high in the enzymes and phytonutrients that are removed during regular pasteurization this honey can provide a natural boost in energy and antioxidants. 
  • Coconut Palm Sugar-Vitamins and minerals from the sap of coconuts remain in coconut palm sugar aiding with bone health and digestion. A natural energy boost without the crash since coconut palm sugar is metabolized differently than regular sugar and slowly released into the bloodstream over time. 
  • Hemp Milk- We love hemp in case you haven't noticed. Hemp milk is high in protein and healthy omega 3 fatty acids. 
  • Cashew Milk-These low fiber nuts are high in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 


For a cool coffee latte drinkthat makes the best afternoon pick me up try this recipe

:WARNING: You will be addicted to the deliciousness. But that's ok because it's actually not addictive and good for you so drink up! 

  • Cashew Milk: 2.5 cups Soaked cashews + 5 cups water-blend on high, no need to strain


First blend your almond milk mixture. Then add the first 5 ingredients-milk, Dandy Blendvanilla bean powderMaca powder and Ashwagandha. Add your sweetener to taste then a pinch of salt to brighten the flavors. I like a couple of pinches of salt for a salted caramel taste. Enjoy icedimmediately or chill for later. 

What's your favorite non-caffeine pick me up?

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