Fast Fitness Tips

There is no “get fit quick” or “lose weight fast” regime that is healthy, sustainable, and that sticks. It’s all about lifestyle changes. That is the ONLY way to reach your fitness goals and stay there. We all want to look and feel our best and it’s all about getting to where you feel good in your own skin. It takes about 6 weeks to see results from changing your lifestyle and upping your workout regime and unfortunately a lot of women give up before then. 

Gigi and I both have had body fluctuation roller coasters throughout our lives (another day another blog post) and have finally figured out what works for both of us to maintain a healthy, happy figure. 

Here are some tips to stick to your workout regime anywhere. I also included cheap/free online workouts you can do from anywhere with 30 minutes or less. 

1) Schedule your workouts! I am crazy organized, and try to stay crazy efficient with my time…#1 pet peeve=feeling like time is being wasted/not used efficiently (hello scrolling endlessly through instagram/pinterest/tumblr and when you look up and hour(s) have passed?-totally been there, but want to avoid!)

I find the best way to stay motivated and stick to a schedule is to block out time that is dedicated to your workout or movement of the day! I usually look at the schedule for my workout studio or gym and block that time in my calendar the class I would ideally like to attend (sometimes I put a backup class just in case I miss -sleep through- the first one). Even if you are not going to a gym you can block out time for a walk or your "Daily Sweat". 


2) Set and track your fitness goals. The best way to keep yourself accountable is to track your progress.

  • Make realistic, tangible, achievable goals. You can set a goal to lose 20 pounds in 3 months. This is not a good example of goal setting because there are unhealthy ways to reach your goal in time and you might achieve it, but the weight won’t remain off.

Set a goal like: I will be able to do 50 pushups in a row in 1 month, workout for 1 hour, 5 days a week, be able to run a 7 minute mile in 6 weeks, be able to do a handstand without wall support in 2 months, meditate for at least 10 minutes every day, drink a green juice every morning, etc. The goals need to be measurable, concrete, and specific. Set a (non-food related) reward for yourself once you reach your goals in a healthy way, treat yourself to a spa day, shopping spree, mani/pedi. Losing the weight to meet your weight loss goal number will be a happy side effect for your efforts of your concrete goals. Treat yourself to some more fashionable workout gear that will motivate you to move. Check out Gigi and I's athleisure posts for lustworthy finds. 

  • Take a photo once a week, you don’t have to post it on social media, take it for yourself to see your progress after changing your daily habits. 
  • Write down your food intake, there are lots of apps out there that will track this for you, my fitness pal for example makes it really easy to plug in/scan your food intake. When you are tracking everything that goes into your body you will be aware of HOW YOU FEEL when you eat certain things and hone in on what makes you and your body feel really good or not so great.

3) Move! Do the things your body craves every day. I used to run a lot and go for long distances when I was younger, but I found that that movement no longer serves my body and I now prefer gentler (on the joints) exercises like Yoga, Barre and add in HIIT. Dance! I have been drinking alcohol a lot less, but still go out with friends and dance my ass off because I love music and dancing and it's a great cardio workout AND when you aren't drinking while moving you fully reap the benefits of that workout and no hangover locking you to the couch the next day allowing you to move more. I aim to move every day whether it's a gentle walk, hike, a full on workout at the gym or a tennis match with my man, I take days of recovery and relaxation, but still try for at least a stretch session or sunset walk.  

 4) Add more steps to your day. You probably already have a fitness tracking app of some sort by now or at least the built in one on your phone that tracks your steps. Aiming for 10-20,000 steps (~5-10 miles) a day will be a great added benefit to your fitness efforts. I try to stand at my desk, have a fitness ball as my seat for posture and use my walking desk as much as I can (total craigslist find that's in my basement which is not the best workspace vibes, but I love the benefits of moving while I work). If you have the time and it's accessible walk or bike to your workout for added steps! 

This was an extreme case, from midnight Sunday AM in Las Vegas to Dancing the day away at All Day I Dream in LA this was a LITERAL dance marathon ! See video of dance party getting started below: 

This was an extreme case, from midnight Sunday AM in Las Vegas to Dancing the day away at All Day I Dream in LA this was a LITERAL dance marathon ! See video of dance party getting started below: 

5) Keep yourself accountable by adding a friend. We all have heard a workout buddy helps with fitness goals, but have you tried it?! it actually works! You can easily make excuses to yourself to skip the workout, but when someone is counting on you to be there you make that extra effort to get your ass to the gym. If you don't have a friend whose schedule syncs up with yours you can find a personal trainer to meet up with, this has double the effect because someone else is relying on you AND you are committing time and money to your fitness efforts. 


6) Don't overthink it and just START it doesn't have to be ALL or NOTHING if you miss a day or a workout it's not the end of the world and not a time to completely give up. It's a balance and it's a lifestyle change. Once you find the habits that work for you you will start to feel really great and continue to crave the benefits they bring. With the internet you have unlimited access to free workouts and workout videos. Below are some that you can do right at home with 30 minutes or less. 

Here are a few of my favorite free to inexpensive workouts I use. I will create an entire post comprised of these next. 

  • A Bikini a Day- I Mean who doesn't want these babes rockin' bods and sexy curves? 
  • Well and Good-they periodically post celebrity workouts like this 20min Scarlett Johansson workout 
  • The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide My favorite blogger Lauryn Evarts has meal plans and celebrity trainer collaborated workouts that you can do in a hotel room in 27 minutes. 
  • Shape Magazine - Follow Shape magazine for tons of quick, free at home workouts. This summer shape up challenge with the Tone it up Girls is awesome. 
  • Tilt by Oriana-An extension of the Barre workout, Oriana takes the original Lotte Berk Method and gives you killer moves to most certainly "Tilt your way to tiny" she also personalizes your experience with Facetime consultations to ensure you reach your goals. 
  • Fab Fit FUN-Gigi is currently doing their summer challenge, follow along on our insta stories @IntrepidHearts

ULTIMATELY take a moment to think how lucky you are to be alive and able to move your body. You are beautiful and loved and need to love and accept yourself first and move your body to feel your best and keep your heart healthy. I love these mantras from Mind Body Green start here and tell yourself "I am glowing with health and energy".