Cauliflower and Spinach Detox Soup

I’ve just rounded the corner into week three of my cleanse. After three weeks of mostly berries, veggies, and rice I am starting to reintroduce foods back into my diet. I have to say my first three weeks were not too bad. I have done really well with adhering to the restrictions of the cleanse but I did end up reintroducing animal protein a bit earlier then I planned on. My goal was to try and go without any animal protein until week three or four, however I completely caved last week. I’m admitting it because I made a rookie mistake and by sharing it with you hopefully you all can learn from me.


So what was my fatal mistake?


Remember last weeks post when I discussed choosing the right cleanse for your lifestyle. One of the questions, I advised you all to ask yourself was how physically active are you/ do you need to be during your cleanse? 

  How physically active are you/ do you need to be while you are cleansing?

One of cleanings ultimate benefits is that it allows our bodies systems to rest in order to purge out toxicity and start the healing process. Ideally you want to limit physical activity during a cleanse for two main reasons

1) You want your body to be rested enough so that your cells can reach full toxic kick ass potential.

2)Most cleanses do not provide you with the extra calories and nutrients required for exercise or prolonged physical activity.


This question is important because even though you are cleansing you still need to align your nutritional needs to your physical demands.

Well I forgot to take my own advice. During the first three days of only liquids at the start of the cleanse and I took a break from my usual exercise routine.  I can't be totally inactive so I did things like swap my morning runs for a longer walks with the pups. Well being the hyper person I am I dove right back into my usual workouts once I switched back to solid foods. The problem was I was still cleansing and though I was allowed to now chew my food rather then just sip on it, I was still restricted from eating any type protein.

Come on now you can’t be working out hard on the regular and be completely deficient of protein in your diet. You add to that I am someone who actually craves protein the way some people crave cookies and cake (I get it, it is totally weird but I'll delve into this topic another time); there is no wonder I was day dreaming of burgers for days.


Please don’t read this as I’m saying there are no good veggies sources of protein because there is a ton. However, my food list for phase one of the cleanse did not include these sources. What should I have done that I did not? I should have sourced a proper protein powder.  I know, I know super obvious! I’m embarrassed and hiding my eyes as I type this. I’m not going to beat myself up about this nor am I going to just say F*ck it and use it as an excuse to not follow the rest of my cleanse through. Instead, I re-stragized…..



I know myself and I knew how I was feeling. I knew that if I didn’t get protein in me my cravings were going to lead me to eat something terrible for me. I was all like “Hell no I did not giving up solid foods for three days and go out of my way for colonics to just give up!” So I decided to reintroduce the protein source that I knew agrees best with my body. For me that is free-range organic chicken.


I needed something in the immediate and chicken was my best option. I had no problems digestion wise or other by reintroducing it back in and my body immediately thanked me. That being said I know that there are some great veggie proteins out there, but I needed to do more research. I needed to find one that was yummy while adhering to the approved food list on the cleanse. Side note: I have just ordered Moon Juice’s Vanilla Mushroom Protein. It is cleanse approved and I so can’t wait to try it. I love this companies products!


We live, we learn, we move forward! I continue on with my cleanse rather then let a set back become and excuse to give up.


As I start the reintroduction phase of cleansing, I know that it is important for me to be prepared. I’m reintroducing foods slowly and one at a time. The goal: To identify any reactions I may have to a particular food as it is introduced back into my diet. What sucks is that If at any point I do experience any negative reactions, rash, bloat, lethargy to name a few, then I basically have to step back to day one of the cleanse and return to only consuming detoxing liquids until the symptoms mitigate. I know it sounds brutal but this is an important step if you are truly concerned with identifying any food allergy. In order to be armed and ready I’m cooking up a pot of cauliflower and spinach detox soup. This soup has been my jam. It is an ensemble of amazing detoxifiers like cauliflower, spinach, and turmeric. I was given the recipe by my friend Melissa. It is her own adaption of the Gluten-Free Goddess’s delicious green detox soup recipe. The roasted cauliflower really adds to the taste of the overall soup. Trust me this soup is so delicious and easy to make that you’ll want to make this even when your not cleansing. 


Melissa's Cat Wu-Tang watches over our soup prep.

Melissa's Cat Wu-Tang watches over our soup prep.


Detox Green Soup Recipe

Note: The original recipe calls for you to add the spinach with the cauliflower and onions during the initial simmer but as per Melissa’s instruction I drop it in in the end. Let it wilt into soup and then blend. This cuts down the unwanted bitterness of the spinach.




1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil

1 tablespoon turmeric

1/2 tablespoon garlic powder

6 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 onion

1 inch of fresh ginger, peeled and chopped

4 cups fresh Cauliflower, cut up

1 pound of fresh spinach leaves

A handful of fresh parsley, roughly chopped 

Vegetable broth, as needed

Sea salt and ground pepper, to taste





Preheat the oven to 450°

Toss cauliflower in 1 tablespoon of oil, garlic powder, turmeric, and salt. Spread onto baking sheet and roast for 35 minuets or until tender.


Using a large soup pot, heat the remaining oil over medium heat and stir in the garlic and onion to season the oil. Add the the roasted cauliflower and parsley. Add just enough broth to cover the vegetables. Remember the more liquid you use the runnier the soup will be. I always go with less and add as needed as I prefer a thicker soup.


Bring the pot to a high simmer, cover  and reduce the heat to a low and allow the pot to simmer for about fifteen minuets. 


Slowly add the spinach to the pot allowing the spinach to wilt down prior to adding more. Add more liquid if need be. Once all the spinach has been added use an immersion blender to puree the soup.



To make this a creamysoup add a good dash of light coconut milk.



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My Fur Baby and I

My Fur Baby and I