Sheer Maxis for Summer

My sheer maxi, bodysuit, boot combo from ACL 2016 

My sheer maxi, bodysuit, boot combo from ACL 2016 

I am on the hunt for a sheer maxi dress. It's ironic because I already have a sheer maxi wrap skirt (above), a vintage sheer midi skirt, and a maxi for love and lemons dress that definitely is sheer. I am envisioning something different though, a maxi dress that can be worn open as more of a layered kimono/duster or closed as a dress (multi-faceted, too hard to ask?), my searches haven't come up with "the one" but some good finds. The other funny thing I have come across in my search is that most of the "sheer maxi dress" search results come up with maternity sheer maxis???? IIIIIII mean I've never needed maternity clothes, but I am thinking when I do I wouldn't want sheer material over my belly? Anyone with me here? A little confused....


 I am just feeling sheer this summer! 



To go along with my sheer moment(s?) I am lusting after over the knee boots! hahaha boots, not the most summer-y thing. I guess the cool nights in Colorado could call for some boots with a cute skirt and jean jacket. These Nasty Gal millennial pink boots have me heart eye emojied, but they are not the most practical and I feel like the trend will fade and then I will be stuck with some hot ass pink boots in my closet for no apparent reason, but I would just keep rocking them! I also am not sure about ordering from Nasty Gal since it changed over ownership, the quality of the products was already pretty shotty before so definitely still wary now. The good thing about shopping for boots in the summer is you can get some great discounts since they aren't in season. I just snagged a cute pair of Steve Madden's from DSW and with my rewards I only paid $32 for them! 

On a more practical summer note everyone is talking about the functionality of turning a one piece bathing suit into a bodysuit. What about the other way around? True you couldn't rock a white bodysuit as a bathing suit for obvious reasons, but it's funny that marketing efforts are pushing the justification of spending $100-$300 on a one piece bathing suit and the same style of body suit you can find for as little as $10. I wish they could interchange the other way around, maybe the right one would be able to. Here are some high and low priced body suits for summer.

Another hot trend for the summer that I am definitely lusting over, but not sure if it will stand the test of time are these adorable picnic looking woven tote/purses with pom pom details. They are everywhere right now and make you want to take a vacation just to be caught on the beach with these babes. These would make a great DIY! I'm sure you could easily string up some pom-poms and find a simple woven bag to embellish. I'm working on a big DIY project right now that I will be sharing soon, but this will have to be added to my DIY list. 


What are you Loving and Lusting over this summer??