I tried what some are calling "Natural Adderall" for a month and this is what happened.....

Writing this post has been a bit difficult for me. I have honestly procrastinated the shit out of it. Like this should have been completed days ago. Thank you all for your patience with me. But why all the procrastination you ask……

Well my inability to meet my deadline was in part because of a total technological meltdown. (My house is basically without internet at the moment and it is like the 18th century over here). Though being internet deficient was a major hurtle the larger issue at hand was fear. In writing this post I’d have to come clean and admit a secret that very few people know about me and that I’m pretty ashamed to admit.

The fear is real. I have sat down to write this ( no exaggeration here) about 20x in the last two weeks. Every time I'd go to write I’d either suffer from a complete block or I’d find another project to distract myself with instead. The mind is a very powerful thing my dears! Distract, Distract, Distract! Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!

 Welp, here it is…………..

The girl who despises big Pharma and encourages the use of alternative medicine is a recovering pill popper.

I know!!! I’m over here covering my face in shame🙈 I absolutely plan on sharing the whole how and why with you all but that is a topic that deserves a post of its own. For now I will give you the cliff notes version.

I was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall in high school. At that point I was already all f*ck big Pharma and I never got my prescription filled. Fast forward 12 years I’m back in school finishing my degree and finally filling that prescription. In total I was Adderall dependent for four years. 

My attention span is on par with that of my 4 year old nephew. Like it is not existent. I needed it or at least I thought I did (again we will dive into this another time I promise). 

If you have never tried it, and I applaud you if you have not as that shit is sought after by most college kids especially during finals, Adderall is a freakin wonder drug if your trying to pull all nighters and cram. Have you seen the Bradley Copper movie Limitless? Because it is kind of like that. Not as bad ass but it does make you hyper focused and it allows you to run on like very little sleep. Also, like the drug in that movie Adderall can seriously screw with your health. Here is a look at some of the short and long term effects…… 


irregular heartbeat 

increased blood pressure







And this is just the short list!

Now, if I am going to be fair here there are studies that show that those who have ADD or ADHD do not react the same chemically to the drug as those who arbitrarily use the drug to drop a few pounds or gain a competitive edge. The thing is regardless of whether or not you need or don’t need the drug, Adderall is an amphetamine with a chemical makeup similar to methamphetamine and MDMA (ecstasy). There is no way that taking a drug with that chemical make up over time does not negatively effect your body. 

The effects of the drug weaken with more frequent use, forcing a person to use higher doses to achieve the same benefit over time.  Aka it is addictive as fuck.

Basically if you're like me and Adderall is something you really feel you need verses something that you take extra curricularly (BTW not a real word but I know you know what I mean) then this knowledge cause quite the predicament. Leading me to my current mission to find a supplement that will help me improve my focus and concentration the natural way. 


Mucuna, Mucuna, Mucuna!

 I honestly don’t even remember where or how I  first heard about it but back in May I started reading about this wonder herb Mucuna Pruriens. What I do remember was either hearing or seeing the words “Natural Adderall” associated with it. This of course peaked my interest. I didn’t even hesitate. I wanted to know if it would work so I immediately hopped online and ordered a Mucuna Pruriens powder from Moon Juice.

What is Mucuna Pruriens?

Mucuna Pruriens are a climbing herb found primarily along the equator. Mucuna has medicinally been used throughout the world without any recorded side effects. Made popular by Ayurvedic medicine, Mucuna is the highest source of L-Dopamine, the amino acid responsible for creating Dopamine. 

Ding, Ding, Ding!!!! 

Dopamine is one of the three chemicals that those diagnosed with ADD have have an imbalance of.


L-Dopa provides a wide variety of health benefits. 

• Regeneration of organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs)

• Dramatically strengthen immune system

• Improved sleep

• Reduced body fat and cellulite

• Improved skin appearance

• Increased mood and sense of well being

• Increased bone density

According to Jessica Rosen, a certified holistic health coach and president of Raw Generation,

"If you are dopamine deficient, you should consider taking this superfood powder. Some of the most common symptoms Mucuna Pruriens will benefit are: chronically low moods, difficulty managing stress, memory problems, lack of focus, trouble getting enough sleep, poor motor function, diminished sex drive, and an absence of creativity.” 

Note the dirty nails...more eye covering🙈 I was cleaning out a pipe pre-photo. Life duties call and my nails aren't always perfect!

Note the dirty nails...more eye covering🙈 I was cleaning out a pipe pre-photo. Life duties call and my nails aren't always perfect!

So the science as to why Mucuna is touted as “Natural Adderall” is there. But does it work?

I started my trial run by adding two teaspoons of Moon Juices Mucuna powder to my coffee. The first two days of use I felt nothing however, on the third day things started to change. At first I started to notice an energy boost. More important it was an energy boost that came without any jitteriness or agitation. Within a week of consistently adding the powder to my morning coffee I found that my ability to sit still and stay focused on single task became significantly less of a struggle…..Can I get an Amen!

Now, if you ask me if using the Mucuna was as effective as using Adderall I’m going to have to say no. That being said it has still made a huge difference in my day to day productivity. An additional note I still consider myself in the trial stages and I am learning more about proper dosage and sourcing of the herb. For instance, I have since discovered that the best Mucuna Prurien Powders are made from the beans only. Moon Juice uses a combination of the stem and bean. I still feel that it is  good product and like I said it have a positive effect on me but I have since switched to using the Mucuna Pruriens Powder from Sun Potion, which is made purely from the bean. Take note of the color difference between the two powders in my picture below a powder sourced exclusively from the bean will be darker in color. 

Mucuna Prurien Powder.. From left to right  Moon Juice ,  Sun Potion .

Mucuna Prurien Powder.. From left to right Moon Juice, Sun Potion.

As for the dosage…..

Taking the herb in powder form offers the full  provides the most economical option for purchasing. A typical dose of the powder is ¼–½ teaspoon, once or twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Mucuna pruriens powder can be taken with water, milk, ghee, honey or another anupan (carrier substance), which acts as a medium for delivering the herb to its intended destination and can enhance its effect. You can add the powder to smoothies or other liquids. It is best to consume with food to ensure that it is properly absorbed from your intestines.

Tablets are also an option. The daily recommended dosage range is between 200 and 500 mg. Most people will start with 200 mg at a time and only increase if they do not feel anything at the lower levels.

Most people will take Mucuna Pruriens in combination with several other mood enhancing supplements to improve emotional wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety, and help with focus and boost mental energy. Researching and trying out these combinations is my latest endeavor and  I’m excited to share more of my results with you all,

If you are currently on medication for ADD please consult with a medical professional first before ditching your medicine on your own accord!