Gigi's Summer Makeup Routine

Anna and I have been sharing our daily makeup routines on the Intrepid Hearts Instagram story this month. In case you missed it we have both put together post breaking down our go to summer makeup products. Check out Anna's glowy, simple, quick AM Routine. As for me, I'm also a big proponent of the low maintenance AM routine. I'm not into the heavy makeup thing. I totally have my moments with it but on the day to day I like to keep my look Au Natural. Below I've given you gals all the details on how to get a dewy soft look in under five minutes.  

The Base

1) First I start with my Kopari Rose Toner to balance my skin. Imagine you are laying on a tropical beach that is surrounded by rose gardens.  The combination of rose and coconut in this toner takes you there.....Can you think of a more blissful feeling to start your day.

2) Bye, Bye morning puffy eyes! The second step in my base routine is all about de-puffing. Thankfully Clinque's All About Eyes Serum is like a shot of espresso for your face.

3) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! It took me until I was thirty to follow this mantra but THANK GOD I finally did! I'm soooo obsessed with Biologique Recherché Creme Dermopurifante Moisturizer. It is not light in the wallet and honestly it has kind of a funky smell but nothing has ever left my skin feeling so hydrated and so dewy looking while still feeling totally weightless.  Plus a little dab is all you need so you can stretch a jar out for a  few months.


1) I'm not really into wearing foundation on the day to day. Instead, I'm all about spot covering with the focus on masking my dark under eye circles and any dark spots or blemishes I may have. I use IT's Bye Bye Under Eye concealer in tan. This stuff is super pigmented and a pea size amount on your finger tips will do the trick for you. Gently squeeze a small amount onto my fingertips, rub your fingertips together allowing the concealer to soften, and gently tap the concealer into the skin rather then rubbing.

2) So my step two is kind of a fail. I discovered while putting together this post the the DiorSnow Under Eye BB Cream is no longer. RIP! I originally bought DiorSnow to use as a concealer but it didn't have enough coverage for me but what I loved it for was its brightening effect. Step two in my makeup routine is all about eye brightening.  So I give to you an alternative recommended to me by a trusted make-up guru and friend...... swap out the Diorsnow for Bare Minerals Well- Rested Eye and Face Brightener . To use dab a small amount at the corner of each eye and along the under-eye area and gently blend for an even application.

3) On the lids I try to keep it as natural as possible. For the summer time I'm really feeling Laura Mercier's Cavier Stick Eye Color Stick in Rosegold.  It's smooth, creamy, highly pigmented and applies on the lid very easily. I think you guys should know by now that I'm all about ease when it comes to getting ready. It brightens the eyes giving the lid a gorgeous glow. Think more shimmer, less sparkle. You can use with a brush or without and simply blend with your fingertip.

4) I don't always include liner in my day time look but when I do I avoid darker colors. Heavy liner to me screams made up, which I'm not knocking at all because trust me I have my moments, but generally I'm going for the fresh faced barely there look. MAC's Fluidline Eye-Liner In Deliciously Rich has been my summer go to. The color is a medium brown color with gold flecks giving the lash line a nice shimmery effect without looking too overdone.  Use an angled brush and stay as close to the base of the lashes as possible. Start thick at the outer corner of the eye and gradually make the line thinner towards the inner corner of the eye. Always line the entire length of the eye; never line just halfway–this will make eyes look smaller.

5)My makeup must have is hands down mascara. I'm not a loyal mascara fan. I pretty much change the brand I use every few months. The one tip I swear buy is purchasing the travel sized tubes of mascara for three reasons..... 1st The fresher the tube of mascara the better your lashes look no matter what the brand. I never use a mascara that is more then a month old and I find that the travel sizes tubes give me the perfect quantity for a months application. 2nd They are literally half the cost of the full size so I feel like I can try out new brands without as much of a financial risk. I know technically you can return anything at Sephora but I'm not a product returner. 3rd They are so cute and mini which means more space in makeup bag. The Mascara that I am currently vibing on is  Two Faced Better Then Sex Mascara.

6) Time to add some color to those cheeks! I'm all about Smashbox's L.A Lights Blendable Cheek and Lip Color in Beverly Hills Pink. The color of this blush is a peachy-pink with a golden shimmer. If you are familiar with Nars Orgasm the color is very similar except with a tad more pink. I 'm a fan of this color because it compliments most complexions. The stick comes with a chubby, dome-shaped cheek and lip color on one end  and sponge you can use to blend the product in on the other. Perfect for someone doing their makeup on the go! I love the ease of application that this product provides (again it is all about convenience with me).

7) Last but certainly not least there needs to be some lip service. I keep it simple with a light gloss. My current to is Laura Mercier's Lip Glace in Tulip.



Here is the detailed play by play of my morning as captured on the Intrepid Hearts IG story.

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The Splurge

The Budget

There you have it, my go to morning beauty routine!

We would love to hear about your summer makeup must haves!

There you have it, my go to morning beauty routine!