Live Intrepid: A year in Review



Adventurous, Resolutely Fearless, Dauntless


A little over a year ago in the Fall of 2015 Gigi and I first had the idea to collaborate on a blog together  and last July we launched We did a lot of brainstorming to come up with the name of our brand and finally landed on Intrepid Hearts. While we have a lot of differences (mainly our height) we share a lot of similar traits, interests and sense of style (we keep buying the same items from our favorite brands with or without knowing the other purchased it as well) Where we really align is our fearlessness and adventurous spirits that keep us exploring deeper within ourselves. 





We wanted to pause to reflect and show our appreciation for the support of those who are following along.


Our blog is still a baby and while we dial in our brand and mission we hope to continue to provide meaningful, quality content that can inspire, motivate, educate and entertain you. We will be focusing more on our health and wellness expertise which is at our core and what we share the most passion about. We have a lot of exciting things rolling out in the next couple of months including a Podcast, Youtube channel, more collaborations with other women entrepreneurs and a product line!

Thank you for the support and please continue passing on the intrepid spirit to other like minded beings in your tribe.