Art Of Attention Yoga Challenge

There was a point in time when yoga was my life. My whole day was planned around my practice and making myself available to study with the teachers whom I admired. This is no exaggeration. I basically moved to New York in order to regularly practice with two specific teachers, Elena Brower and Zhenja La Rosa. I got a job with Lululemon only because the company paid for me to go to yoga class, sent me to class as my actual job, and helped me grow a killer wardrobe to practice yoga in. On my days off I would spend my entire day at Vira Yoga (R.I.P) taking back to back classes. My immersion into my yoga practice shifted my entire being both physically and emotionally in the most profound way. I know that statement sounds rather cliche but it is actual fact. I was a hot mess before I started my practice. I promise I will open that floodgate of personal information for you all in another post but for now you will just have to take my word for it. 

Yoga Changed My Fucking Life!

(Excuse the expletive but I'm making a point)

My Yoga Prime ...literally all day, everyday any, and any where! 

My Yoga Prime ...literally all day, everyday any, and any where! 

Like everywhere!

Like everywhere!

Then life happened, shit got seriously shaken up in my world. I found myself further and further away from a dedicated practice. Some of the changes in my life were for the better, I went back to school, and some of the changes were earth shattering, like the passing of my father. Regardless of the reasons my practice fell by the wayside. Now I sit here eating my avocado toast, sipping my spiked seltzer, and yearning to regain that connection with myself and my practice I once had.

Mmmmmm, ok if I’m being totally honest here that desire to to get my yoga groove back has been going on for about a year now. I have just been lazy about actually making it happen. And I’m not a lazy person. Actually, I’m very far from lazy. I’m just really good at getting distracted. There are just too many things I want to do and not a enough time to do them all!!!!!!! By the way, this lack of focus is exactly why I need cultivate my practice again on the regular. 

Whenever I find myself not honoring my goals or commitments I bring in reinforcement. For me one of the best form of reinforcement is simply finding someone to hold me accountable. So that brings us to the purpose of this blog post. I’m laying my goals out there for all to see and in doing so I’m making myself accountable to all of you. 

Yoga Goals


I am going to practice on a more consistent basis.
I am going to develop a regular home practice.
I am going to start teaching yoga again.
I will finally be able to do a handstand in the middle of the room by August 1, 2018.


I am setting up a challenge for myself in order to get me back to my regular practice. I will be documenting my journey to share with you all on the regular. 

So what exactly does this challenge entail? 
A promise to myself to practice at home 2x a week for 5 months using Elena Brower and Erica Jago’s Art Of Attention Yoga Workbook as my guide. I will spend each month dedicated to a different chapter and I will be sharing my experience with all of you here on the blog as well as on our youtube channel. I would be freaking elated if some of you would join me in this challenge. Let us call this the The Art Of Attention Challenge.

I am certain I have mentioned this book before on the blog because it as absolutely stunning and so well done. Elena is one of the  most inspired teachers I have ever had the privilege to practice with and her beauty and eloquent teachings carry over into the workbook ( I 100 percent have a girl crush on Elena). Even if you have no interest at all in joining me in this challenge you should still seriously consider checking out this book. Hell, even if you have no interest in practicing yoga at all I still say it is worth purchasing for its sheer beauty. No joke! I legit feel a sense of total zen just looking at the photography throughout the workbook.

Check out this video about the workbook and see for yourself……


The official kickoff for the Art Of Attention challenge will be next Sunday August 20th. So, head over to Amazon or The Art Of Attention site, get your copy of the book, and let’s get our yoga on ladies!