Self Care Sundays: Chakra Meditation

Happy Self Care Sunday!


This week we are diving into CHAKRAS! If you aren't familiar with the chakras you can check out my little intro video below. I go over the crystals I use that are associated with each chakra (there are many crystals that can enhance the power of each chakra) I also highlight my girls at KB Pure essentials chakra sprays (they smell AMAZING and are currently on sale here!) and a couple of my favorite chakra reading materials to get you started.  

Photo by decade3d/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by decade3d/iStock / Getty Images

I have had some interesting experiences with chakras and the colors they are associated with, I will be diving deeper into those stories on another post. For now the 7 main chakras are pictured above. They Start at the base of your spine and rise up as follows:

  • Red-Root chakra-base of spine

  • Orange-Sacral Chakra-below the navel

  • Yellow-Solar Plexus Chakra-at the navel-Fun fact: I took out my navel piercing when I realized the metal was most likely blocking or causing an imbalance in my solar plexus chakra.

  • Green-Heart Chakra-Heart center

  • Blue- Throat Chakra-Throat

  • Deep Purple-Third Eye Chakra-between the brows

  • Light Purple-Crown Chakra-on top of your head


The chakras are energy centers throughout the body that act as the "organs" of your energy field. The chakra system is so complex and I am constantly learning more and fascinated by how issues in your life can be tied so closely to imbalances in certain chakra areas.  Chakras are closely tied to and associated with your aura or auric energy. This is the external, subtle energy field around your body.  The colors can change based off of experiences, mood and health. 

The Chakra Bible Explains Chakras and their connection to auric energy, "They are pulsating discs of focused energy with particular color affinities. The spiral of each chakra narrows as it nears the physical body, and the seven major chakras 'hook' directly into the spine. Chakras transmit information from the aura and represent a 'blueprint' of the body; they also hold information of past pain and trauma, as imprints in the auric field. These affect our emotional and physical health through their connection to the endocrine glands that regulate human behavior."



If you have 15 minutes to yourself today that's all it takes to have a nice chakra meditation. I walk you through pouring pure, golden sunlight down your spine and through your chakras. 


Light your beeswax candle or turn on your oil diffuser, find a comfortable seat, close your eyes and press play on the chakra meditation below. 


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Have a beautiful day!