Self Care Sundays: Write

Happy Sunday! Welcome to our new feature #SelfCareSundays where we will spotlight a ritual, product or tip to add to your self care routine. In my personal experience the older I get the more in tune with myself I've become. Recognizing who I truly am and nurturing that soul has become something to prioritize, making sure I "water" and nourish myself for my own personal growth. In this particular new year I have been more aware of taking care of myself and making sure I set aside time or do things throughout the day that bring me joy and are good for my soul. 

Self care rituals can range from treating yourself to a spa service, meditating for 5 minutes, drawing yourself a bath, gifting yourself those pair of shoes you've had your eye on to dabbing on a nice perfume or oil. The self care practices are endless and unique to you. 

There are so many things that are so simple you can do to treat yourself and Sunday is a great day to do one last thing for you if you haven't taken time for yourself during the weekend. 

For this first Self Care Sunday I want to start simple and recommend Journaling. Just writing down thoughts, dreams, ideas, daily happenings is so therapeutic. Especially when you are physically writing on a piece of pen and paper. Having a way to disconnect from the constant technology we are exposed to and reflect on my day, dreams, gratitudes is very fulfilling and self nourishing. 

I invite you to try it. Even if it's at the end of the day and you only jot down an outline of your day or one idea or one thing you are grateful for. It can be nice to reflect back and see how you have grown or handled things differently or how you still feel a certain way. This is a great read about the rewards of unlocking your creativity through writing everyday. 

To get started there are so many beautiful journals you can find to keep bedside. Erin Condren designs fun, colorful notebooks we have received from Create and Cultivate. To get 10% off enter code SAVE10NOTEBOOK at checkout.* 

Another cute company you can customize your notebooks with that I discovered at Create and Cultivate is May Designs

I find cute, inexpensive notebooks at Marshalls Home Goods. 

I have a lot of journals hahaha  I use them for taking notes for business, a daily journal to recap my day, a gratitude journal, a dream journal and a travel journal. Like I said you can fit all of this into one journal, but these are just so fun! 


I aim to give myself at least one hour of self care every day, whether it's something that goes on for a consecutive hour, or little breaks throughout the day that could add up to one hour. We are excited to share our little habits and rituals and hope to inspire you to take more time for yourself and let us know what your self care practices are. 




*This post is not sponsored, I received this code from a conference and wanted to share.