Anna's Yoga Challenge Recap

After reading Gigi's Art of Attention yoga Challenge blog post I was immediately inspired and motivated to connect back to my yoga routine as well. We both are certified yoga instructors and have been completely immersed in yoga at some points in our lives day dreaming of a place where we could do yoga, share yoga and live yoga every day.



Maybe that dream isn't completely out of the question, but we have other goals and aspirations that might postpone it, which is why the yoga challenge was a great way to keep ourselves accountable and jumpstart the process of diving back into yoga even for 5 minutes every day. 


A quick guided meditation lead by Anna and read from Take a comfortable seat and go within. Let the meditation guide you and bask in the pure, golden light within you and all around you. Music playing in the background is Ajai Alai by Ajeet Kaur

I am happy to say that I did at least 15 minutes of yoga every day of this challenge, whether it was a kundalini meditation and some yoga stretches after my workout or creating and practicing yoga sequences for our Yoga facebook group (which we will continue to release exclusive yoga content to those still interested).  

A quick yoga sequence to re-adjust your body after travels or after too much bourbon....


Yoga is a journey and it's not about getting to the point where you can balance on your hands and take an incredible photo in an exotic place (like lots of us millennials like to do, guilty), it's SO much more than that, but essentially it's about the PRACTICE. Practicing and stretching your body through yoga gifts your body amazing benefits and if you are determined to do a freestanding handstand or crazy backbend practicing every day will give you the flexibility and steps in the right direction to do that.



Slowing down to take time to connect your body, breath and spirit is a rarity in this tech crazy world so I invite you to continue this challenge to yourself. Take literally 5 minutes to sit and breathe, meditate, stretch your arms over your head, feel and recognize your breath. That's all there is to it and starting with that before you know it you will have a half hour to yourself or a full hour. It's not all or nothing and it's all about the journey.

A quick yoga sequence to be present and "keep it together" adapted from the Retox book by Lauren Imparato. Doing yoga anywhere at anytime take a moment for your self. Make sure to join the Art of Attention yoga challenge on Facebook.


Do you enjoy our yoga content? Would you like to see more yoga videos? Meditation videos? Kundalini videos? Let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to accommodate. 


Namaste <3