Self Care Sundays: Give Yourself The Gift Of Yoga

It is easy for us to make excuses and come up with reasons why we can’t make time for ourselves. I’ve talked about how I've let life get away from me at times and as a result let my hectic schedule interfere with necessary practices of self love. I know this to be a problem that most of us struggle with due to our hectic lives and overflowing schedules. Recently, I posted about a challenge I proposed to myself as well as all of you to cultivate a more regular yoga practice.

Tanzanian Proverb

Tanzanian Proverb

This is a long term challenge. Big change takes time and doesn’t happen overnight.  If I tried to start off this challenge pressuring myself to commit to an hour practice each day then I’d be setting myself up to fail. Let’s not set ourselves up to fail.  Rather than setting an unrealistic goal for myself, I have gone after the first two weeks of this challenge by adding a short yoga flow to the end of of my workouts. At the end of each workout I set the timer on my watch for five minutes and go. Sometimes I follow part of the chapter one sequence from the Art of Attention Yoga workbook and other times I just move.

The Art Of Attention Challenge. Lack of time and no mat are not excuses. Here is a five minute yoga, sequence shown in hyper speed, that you add on to the end of your workout for a good stretch. Turn the music off and tune into silence and your breath.

My personal opinion is that you try it both ways: following a set sequence as well as just letting yourself lose without a plan and just moving. Seriously, let go of the idea of a right or wrong way and just move. Turn down the noise! Like actually take your headphones out and just listen to your breath. If you're in a louder environment, like a gym, it is still beneficial for you to unplug from your electronic device. I’m encouraging you to connect with chatter or feelings that bubble from within as you move your body. 

Week 2 of Self Care Sunday. Use the end of your weekend to give back to yourself and reset for the week ahead. Hear Gigi out on why you should introduce yoga into your weekly routine.