Gratitude Journal

Being in gratitude for the not-yet manifested informs The Universe that you know that what you desire already exists, and puts you at the right frequency to receive it.

We all fall victim to it from time to time those days when we just fall into a downward spiral of pity. The end of the weekend can totally churn up some weird negative shit for us.

1) You’ve gone at it hard all weekend. Chemicals are chemicals and as fun as all our party vices may be they throw us out of wack. Back to back days of drinking will leave you with less then stellar serotonin levels. Does a Sunday in bed hungover and suddenly regretting your whole life sound familiar? 

2) Ever hear of FOFE Fear Of Fun Ending. I in particular face this affliction. I never want the good times to end but I’m pretty sure I don’t stand alone on this one and we all wish our weekends were a bit longer. Fact is, it is hard to think about the impending reality of a Monday.

3) It is fall and as gorgeous as it may be the days are getting shorter. Gloomier weather and shorter days can be an instant trigger for many of us to fall pray to more negative thought patterns.

Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty. ~Dorris day

Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty. ~Dorris day

One of the practices I developed a few years ago as a strategy to pull myself out of negative thought patterns was to record in my journal each night three things that I am grateful for each day. It seems like such a small thing but it is huge!!!! Like epically big. Think about it even if you’ve just had one of the worst days of your life this practice will force you to flip your perspective on your current situation and extract the positive. The narrative goes like this……...

Hungover in bed recapping the haze of your Saturday night and you're starting to regret life. I broke the heel on my new shoes while getting crazy on the dance floor. Ugh, and the guy I have been crushing on showed up to the party with his new girlfriend. Oh and what the hell is this pizza box next to my bed???? Oh yea that is right I totally devoured like half a pizza in my drunken state.

I’m grateful I broke my heel because I will take it to get repaired and visit my friend who lives around the corner from the shoe repairman.

I’m grateful that I’m single and can spend the tearing up the dance floor with my friends and flirting with who ever the hell I want.

MMMM well the binge eating session is some extra motivation for me to now get out of bed and go sweat this hangover out.

I think you get the gist of what I’m throwing down here. 


This past winter on vaca Anna passed the book  You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, along to me. 

It is a must read I tell you!


Take Me Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, one of the later chapters of the book is all about Gratitude and the practice of keeping a gratitude journal. The book pointed out yet another reason why practicing the art of living in gratitude is so epiclly important, 

“When you are consistently in a state of gratitude, and aware of all the awesomeness that already exists, it, among many other things, makes it much easier for you to believe that there’s more awesomeness where that came from, and that this yet-to-be-manifested awesomeness is also available to you.”

In short, the practice of keeping a gratitude will not only shift your perspective so that you can start to see the world through rose colored glasses, but it will also help you to reaffirm your faith so that you may continue to will your dreams into reality. 🤚🏻 yes please sign me up for that!!!!!


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