Setting Your Intent


I know at this time of the year there are about a zillion posts about New Years Resolutions, but I’m not into New Years Resolutions and here’s why……


I don’t like the phrase "New Year’s Resolution.”  I don’t like it. Not at all. Not one bit! The word resolution implies that you're solving a problem. You, my dears, are not a problem to be solved. We all have our shit and yes we can make improvements, but a problem you are not. You are, We are all perfectly imperfect. It is our imperfections that make us unique and interesting. It is also our imperfections that challenge us and allow us to grow. 

So yeah like I said F*ck resolutions!


New Year’s Intentions on the other hand, now that is something I can get behind. Intention is, “a thing intended; an aim or a plan.” Instead of resolving to stop doing things, make a plan or intention to do more positive things.


"When you set an intention instead of a resolution, you stop thinking about wanting what you do not have, and start channeling your energy toward what you want to achieve." Totally borrowed this quote from , but honestly I don’t think I can put it any better.  



Step One: Don’t Get Hung Up On Goals Not Yet Reached


I’m pretty sure that 90% of us have all made resolutions that we have failed to keep. The stream of memes mocking failed resolutions on my IG and Facebook feed pretty much confirms this statistic. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.41.30 PM.png


Seriously though try not to beat yourself up if you failed to keep last years resolution. Say bye-bye to the negative chatter about what you didn’t do and move the F*ck on. If you're cluttering your mind with thoughts about how you’ve failed in the past then you're likely going to fail again. Facts are Facts babes! We manifest our reality based on how and where we place our energy. So if all you're thinking about is what you did wrong this past year then you can expect the same results in the New Year.  


Instead think about all of the things you did right and all of the things that made you feel good in 2017 and put your energy and focus on planning to do more of that in the New Year.


Step Two: Get Very, Very Clear

If you want to create a change in your life, you must, must, must be very clear about your intention. So often we set these New Years Resolutions without giving true thought behind why we have chosen what we have chosen. I mean think about it…… how much time and reflection did you put behind prior year’s resolution. Personally, before I started this process I spent like maybe 5 minutes thinking about it. It was a very unconscious act to say the least.

Kind of crazy when you think about it. After all if you're setting an intention for an entire year you really should be reflecting and asking yourself the right questions.  


I recommend setting aside some time this month to meditate and journal on exactly what you want to envision for yourself this upcoming year. 


We have the new moon this evening, which begins a new lunar cycle. The time from the new moon to the full, known as a waxing moon, brings with it the energy of new possibilities. This is the perfect time to meditate on what you want for yourself this upcoming year.


Step Three: Keep It Positive


 I’m going to be brief on this because I’m being redundant, but it is necessary!


Positive thoughts and spending time envisioning yourself having already fulfilled your intention = seriously increased odds of achieving your goals.


Self Doubt and all the self deprecating bullshit that we tend to do if not conscious  = less than stellar odds for success.


Often we aren’t even aware that the language we are using is not positive in it’s context. 

 I love, love, love this piece of advice regarding the wordage we use when we set our intentions from author Diana Rabb,


"When setting an intention, avoid using the word "should," which implies that you think of yourself as a victim. Another word to avoid is "want." Using this word implies a passive role in achieving your intention. As an alternative, use the word "choose." For example, “I choose to express gratitude on a more regular basis.” Also, try to avoid the phrases “I want” or "I will," which puts your intentions into the future. Instead, consider setting your intentions in the present tense, as if they're already happening.”

 I am eating healthier instead of I will be healthier.

I am getting in shape instead of I will get in shape.

I meditate everyday instead of I will meditate everyday.

I’m sure you get the point so I’ll stop.

A Mantra For Intention Setting



Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru

"Practicing this mantra heals and elevates profoundly. This is why it is called a miracle mantra. It awakens the miracle of your life. It brings you the power of miracle in your life. It gives life to the miracles your heart attunes to. A miracle is not something beyond imagination or reality. It happens simply as we end our limitations and open our imaginations. We always have the opportunity to fulfill our destiny and our highest purpose. In each life all the tools and resources are with us in our mind, circumstances, relationships and spirit. This mantra practice doesn’t bring something to us we do not have, it opens us to the constant presence of grace and possibility that is with us now. " ~Gurucharan Singh Khalsa~

If you can try to practice this mantra for a 11 minutes a day until the full moon. Take a few minutes after each meditation to journal any thoughts, feeling, or reflections that this mantra may arise in you.





Those my loves are my recommended steps for intention setting. There is no time like the present and as I’ve already mentioned we have got the New Moon energy guiding us so let’s get to reflecting, meditating, and journaling so we can kill it in 2018. 


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