12 Fabulous Ways to Rock a Scarf

It's winter and it's time to break out your scarves. Function over fashion in the winter months HOWEVER I recently found a way to have the best of both worlds. 


It started on my recent journey through Europe, specifically... 



Who doesn't love a fabulous French fashion moment? There is a FRENCH GIRL _________ way to do everything described in books and articles covering everything the French women do from food to skincare to child rearing to fashion. WE WANT TO KNOW THE JE NE SAIS QUOI SECRET! Their effortless, cool, chic style is enviable to say the least. 

As I was meandering along the streets of Strasbourg France I happened upon an accessory boutique and was swooning over all of their wares especially their silk scarves. For a little tangent on scarf shopping see my first video below. 



The boutique owner helped me pick a scarf and needless to say ENLIGHTENED me to the endless possibilities of everyday wear. She just was whipping it around and tying it and I was taking all of the mental notes I could to try and recreate all of these amazing styles to bring back to the US and LEVEL UP my scarf game. 


The video below encompasses 12 ways to tie your winter scarf as inspired by Boutique Hermance Strasbourg owner.



Stay warm, but more importantly STAY FABULOUS! 











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