Moving On With The Full Moon

This is a short and sweet little post about letting shit go that no longer serves you. Also, I kind of really see this as a part two to my New Year’s Intention post.


At the start of this month, actually 14 days ago to be exact, I talked about setting your intentions for the New Year. I am a firm believer in the power of intention setting. Yes, I watched the secret and fully bought into it. And for good reason that shit works!!!! 


I love, love, love, me a good vision board making afternoon.


 In that post I shared a mantra that I have been using during my meditations to help guide me through my intention setting process. Check it out here if you are interested. It is never to late to set your New Year’s intent. 



Side Note: It is never to late to change your intention if it no longer aligns with what you want or need. I mean let’s be real life is tricky and unexpected. Some years are boring as f*ck and other years it feels like our entire life has become a damn amusement ride. But when we go through massive and radical shifts like it isn’t surprising that our priorities change. If our priorities shift then it is highly likely our original intention may or may not need to be edited accordingly.


My point babes is intention setting is not a once and a year thing. Bookmark that mantra and use it to check in with yourself throughout the year.


Ok, so we have established that visualization is key to success in the New Year but it doesn’t end there. Come on we all realize by now nothing is a one step process. Think going from a dark brunette to a blond. It takes a few very spaced out trips to the salon to get the right shade of platinum. You can try to short cut that process but you will end up with dead ass broken hair. 


Trust the process!


Part two of setting yourself on the path of success for slaying the New Year is letting go.

What are we letting go of? I’m not talking that Marc Jacobs dress you swear you’ll wear every year, yet it hasn’t seen the light of day in at least three. Instead I’m thinking more along the lines of…...


A job you hate. 

Your wonderful procrastination skills.

That person you call your significant other, but you know you can do better.

Your need to make everyone happy.

The Regina George in your life.



You really should get rid of that dress though….Just saying!


While most of us know the things that we need to do in order to be successful – hard work, long hours, more responsibility – less attention is paid to the things that must stop doing in order to realize this success.

The full moon is perfect time for us to be meditating on exactly what it is that has been tripping us up in our lives. Why the full moon? Well, because word has it that the light the full moon  illuminates those things that are interfering with our spiritual advancements. Once we have become enlightened to those  thongs that are blocking us, the easier it is to let them go. 


I am sharing with you the ritual that I will be using this evening to help me forward into the New Year. I don’t know about you babes, but I’m ready to move on and I don’t want anything holding me back if I can help it. I will let you in on a little secret… fear of failure will be topping my list. Shhhhhh!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I just admitted that 😳


Moving On With The Full Moon Ritual

You will need:

If possible do this outside under the Full Moon, if not don’t sweat it. If it is as cold as it is tonight then there is no way I am taking this ritual outside tomorrow evening.

If you cannot be outside, find a quiet place indoors…..I’m thinking fireside in my living room. 

  • Clear your energy. Imagine standing under a silver waterfall and allow all negative and non-serving energies to be washed away.
  • Create a sacred space. Find a quiet place to sit. You want this space free of physical clutter as well as energetic clutter. So do what you need to do to get it there….clean, smudge, place crystals or other special items around you.
  • Light some candles or build a small fire and place your small bowl of water near buy.
  • Give thanks to the mother moon and ask her and the universe for guidance as you select the things you would like to release. Take a few minutes and close your eyes and ask yourself what is holding me back? Here is a great 10 minute guided meditation if you need help focusing your mind.
  • Once you are through with your meditation write down on the paper all those things that no longer serve you or things that you want to release. Do not hold back! No-one else will be reading this (ever). This is between you and You. This could be a list of one or many. No one is judging you in this moment but yourself. If you are judging yourself then perhaps that is something to consider letting go of.
  • State what you want to release aloud and take a deep breath, as you exhale imagine whatever you want to let go floating away.
  • Now Be Careful!!!!! Place the paper into the candle or over the flames and watch it burn. When it becomes too hot to touch, drop it into the bowl of water.

Something To Think About: if your piece of paper struggles to light or burn, please consider if you are really ready to let this go! Only when you are willing to let go will the page burn – the faster the flames, the more willing you are to let it go.

  • Lastly, blow out the candle and smudge yourself and the space. Take the bowl of water outside and dump the water and soggy paper remains into the woods.


Don’t fret if you can’t/ don’t have the time to do the ritual this evening it’s not like you’ve missed your opportunity. The energy of the Full Moon is strong and you can still benifit from its Illuminating effects a few days after it has passed. In fact, the phase of the waning moon is energetically the most ideal time for slowing yourself down and letting go of the things that no longer serve you. Seeing that we will be in phase of the  Waning moon over the next 14 days you actually have plenty of time to squeeze this ritual into your life.


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