DIY Cucumber Rose Eye Masks





There are so many reasons why I love these Cucumber Rose Eye Masks but the number one reason is that I know exactly what is in them! Have you ever looked at what is in your masks before? Don't bother because you won't even be able to read it = chemicals! Something that is nourishing for your skin should not be filled with chemicals. 


Now I will be the first to tell you that I am not perfect! The makeup and facial products that I use are not all chemical free and probably never will be, but I am going to start moving in that direction and I am starting with these! 


Lets talk a little bit about the benefits of cucumber- they contain antioxidants which will help with visible signs of aging! Sign me up! I don't need to hear anymore... jk! The alpha hydroxy acids in cucumbers help make skin brighter and firm, smooth, and tone your skin. They also help destroy free radicals on the skin. Also, they help with inflammation which will help rid the bags under your eyes! I mean the list goes on!


On to the rose water- it helps maintain oils and balance your skins PH level. It helps hydrate your skin and aids in healing scars, cuts, and wounds (acne!). Rose water helps regenerate your skin cells! And as a bonus the scent of the rose water is a mood booster! 


Its safe to say that this combo is a total power couple in the skincare world! Obviously Beyoncé is the rose water and Jay-Z is the cucumber! Ok, thats a little weird, but you get it! 





DIY Cucumber Rose Eye Masks


What You Need

Half of a cucumber

One Ounce of Rose Water

Organic Cotton Pads


The How To

Cut the cotton pads into half moon shapes. You will need quite a few! Blend the cucumber and rose water in a blender until liquified. Then put the mixture into a bowl. Let the cotton pads soak in the bowl with the cucumber rose water mixture. Squeeze them out and then soak again. This helps the product really get in there! Store them in a glass container in your freezer. Let them thaw for about 5-10 min prior to use! Apply the soaked pads under your eyes and let them sit for about 15 minutes! 

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