Self Care Sunday: Facial Gua Sha

Glowing Skin is always in. 


I definitely am not blessed with the best skin and have struggled with hormonal breakouts forever. AND now on top of balancing that out I also have to combat signs of aging and damage that was done to my skin in my teenage years. GUILTY of tanning beds. (WHY!? ) 


Now as I educate myself and work on taking better care of my skin I am down to try anything that will help my cause that is safe and natural. You know I am very wary of what's in my skin care products if you read my post here


Every beauty blogger has been obsessed with/promoting the Clarisonic Smart facial massager that apparently works wonders. As I would love to indulge in this miracle working technology $250+ is a HEFTY price tag to pay. Maybe it's a worthwhile investment for your skin, but for me I wanted a way I could reap the same benefits of skin massage, but for free. 



ENTER Facial Gua Sha. 

There are tons of methods to easily massage your face, yourself, for free. I found this Chinese method called Gua Sha (THE EASTERN FACELIFT)  and have been practicing every AM and PM, it's safe to say I'm addicted. 


The benefits: 

  • improved circulation
  • improved complexion
  • lymphatic drainage
  • boosts collagen
  • boosts elastin
  • improves absorption of serums 


Gua Sha means,  "press and stroke" you target different areas on your face and press down and stroke in an upwards motion. I repeat 10 times on each point. Areas on your face include: 

  • 3rd eye point
  • jawline both sides 
  • mouth crease to ear both sides 
  • cheekbone both sides 
  • each side of your nose 
  • chin
  • over your lips 
  • center of forehead towards pressure point next to eyebrow on each side 
  • each side of your neck
  • center of your neck
  • along the front and behind your ear both sides 

For better Clarification see video below.  Basically you massage all of the contours of your face. I start with rosehip oil as a base to help my skin absorb it during the massage and so that you don't pull on your skin. You can start with your favorite serum and then layer an oil or moisturizer afterwards.  


My face gets red while I'm doing it so I usually Ice Roll afterwards. By stimulating the dermis layer of the skin circulation is improved and facial muscles can relax while tension is relieved. For brighter, healthier and more radiant complexion grab a spoon and start your own Gua-Sha routine! Less than 2 minutes to preserve your youth and increase your radiance? I mean....this is a no brainer! 


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