Why I don't Drink Coffee




IIIIIII LOVE the smell and taste of coffee. I am all about the darkest of dark, bitter chocolates and this translates to hard core black coffee. 


However the good ol’ cup of joe is not part of my AM routine, or afternoon pick me up or evening post dinner digestif. NADA. 


And let me tell you the many reasons why. 




I personally am HELLA sensitive to caffeine. Liiiiiiike I take two sips of coffee and I am bouncing off  of the walls, heart pounding out of my chest, wired and shortly after I’m having a full on panic attack and anxiety like no other. Coming down from my caffeine high I usually cry, let's just say it's not advised for me to drink coffee. 


Caffeine is a stimulant drug 


Listening to my body on this one despite the boost and taste of the sweet coffee treat. CLEARLY I can’t handle the effects of the caffeine. Because caffeine is a drug yo! 


For Health's Sake

Another reason why even if I could tolerate caffeine my overall health

  • Caffeine can be dehydrating *
  • Caffeine blocks nutrient absorption on a cellular level**
  • Coffee stains your teeth-enjoy through a straw 
  • Coffee SPIKES your blood sugar-balance with a healthy fat like coconut oil or grass fed butter and lots of cinnamon 

*Caffeine causes diuretic effects meaning you may urinate more after drinking coffee in the morning. If you are a regular caffeine consumer and drinking adequate amounts of fluids you won't experience the dehydrating effects

**Because of the diuretic effects of caffeine water soluble vitamins like B vitamins are easily excreted, some compounds in caffeine block calcium, iron, vitamin D and mineral absorption or manipulate the cell receptor for receiving these vitamins and minerals. You should not consume your daily vitamins/supplements in the presence of caffeine. 

Let's Not forget

OK so unless you are drinking certified organic coffee.....you are concentrating all of the pesticides that have been sprayed throughout the lifecycle of the bean into your drink. It's brewed coffee, heavy on the caffeine and strongly dominated by pesticides. Pesticide brew, if you will. No thank you! 

Another problem that irks me with coffee is the MOLD. Most coffee makers have mold and bacteria growing in them because the moist environment is perfect for them to thrive. Hopefully your favorite coffee shop/cafe is  cleaning their coffee makers on the reg. Give your coffee reservoir a rinse with warm sudsy water after each use to avoid mold growth. For keurigs or pod coffee machines a monthly vinegar run through will help to get all of the nooks and crannies. Mycotoxins from mold could be hiding in your coffee and actually making you sick without you realizing it. yikes. 


This is what I do instead of coffee





First thing in the AM

I enjoy my hot water with lemon. Lately I've been adding some ginger slices and fresh mint. Also love a turmeric moment and crunch on the turmeric after. This mixture hydrates the body, alkalizes from within and warms up the digestive tract. The turmeric adds anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. 

Green Juice-Nutritionally dense and floods the cells with nutrition always love to start the day with something green. I have been adding CBD oil to my AM drinks for extra benefits, learn more about CBD here

Kombucha: A small sip of booch to up your probiotics, A small 4oz pour is all I need for a good time, too much kombucha=too much sugar, water kefir is a lighter alternative. 

Turmeric, Dandy Blend or Matcha lattes: These are delicious alternatives to acidic coffee. Dandy Blend is a beautiful mix of herbs like ashwagandha, holy basil and dandelion root that energizes you naturally while replenishing your adrenals instead of draining them (like caffeine). 




Afternoon pick me up

Live for a bite of dark chocolate: 80% cacao and UP, high in antioxidants this is what I look forward to in the arvo. 

Green juice: always gets the energy flowing. 

Chia, lemon water-Fiber to fill me up so I'm not a hangry mess by dinner. 

The other half of my Kombucha-A bit of carbonation wakes me up. 




Post Dinner Digestif

Peppermint or Ginger tea: Any herbal blend will do. 

Calm magnesium drinkRelaxing supplement that gets your magnesium levels up and helps you have a better nights sleep! 

Basically ALL of the drinks besides coffee work out for me just fine. Now coffee enemas on the other hand, I'm still into that, learn my (weird) obsession HERE



What do you enjoy in the AM? Are you on the coffee train? You don't have to give up your favorite AM beverage. Do what works for you and combat some of the potential negatives with my tips above.  


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