Self Care Sunday: Alpaca Slippers



One time I went to an Alpaca marketplace in Denver and it turned out they not only had alpaca wares it was a full on ALPACA CONVENTION! Ever since I have been moderately-severely OBSESSED with alpacas. LIIIKe they are the fluffiest things on the planet. They are so adorable and the best part is they are SUSTAINABLE. 


As we are a bit fashion obsessed and always looking for more sustainable and smarter options for the environment Alpaca fabrics offer one of the greenest options. Along with our favorite HEMP! 


Benefits of Alpaca Fibers


  • Alpacas are easier on the environment, down to their softly padded hooves lightly trotting around they graze and drink more efficiently and lightly when compared to other animals 
  • You don't have to kill them to enjoy their wonderful fluffy fur. 
  • Alpacas are not harmed during the shearing process 
  • They are adapted to the harsh conditions of their native Andes Mountains in Peru and can thrive  in most environments 
  • They produce more fleece than sheep 
  • The farming of Alpacas doesn't require harsh chemicals 
  • A lot of alpaca blended fibers are kept with their natural color, Alpacas are one of the only natural fibers that has a vast array of colors, naturally. 
  • The alpaca fibers are strong, light, soft, warm and last! what's better than that?! 
  • Alpaca fibers are water resistant, and hyper allergenic 
  • Because of these Andes natives their fur doesn't absorb humidity and it thermally insulating 
  • The quality of the material truly will last a lifetime when correctly cared for. 
  • Supports the Peruvian people who export this versatile, fashionable and comfortable textile for their livelihood. 



Alpaca Slippers 



Back to the slippers. Almost every Saturday I lived in Denver we would take a trek to Boulder Colorado on the weekends. After a beautiful hike and some juice we would walk pearl street mall and at towards the end there is an Alpaca store I always stopped in. They had these alpaca slippers from Peru that are the fluffiest dreams. My Dad bought them for me on Valentine's day and they are one of the best gifts ever. My brother was upset they didn't have larger sizes because they are like walking on a fluffy cloud. 

I've had mine for 2 years and they are still fluffy, comfortable and they don't smell! They warm your feet up quickly and will always keep you cozy. To care for them you can fluff them up with a pet grooming brush. 

SO Treat yourself to a lustrous pair of Alpaca slippers. It's truly a wonderful self care option when your feet are taken care of. Your feet connect you to the earth and don't always get the attention and care they need. Walking around the house in fluffy alpaca slippers after a long day on your feet not only supports the Peruvian people who make a living exporting this wonderful fiber, but you will become more grounded connecting with a natural fiber of this incredibly beautiful animal. 




Will I have an alpaca farm when I'm older.....1000%. First another cat (maybe not since my diva queen likes to be an only child), then a kid (again not quite sure about that one), then a dog, then an Alpaca/Animal rescue farm. Plans, if I ever settle down.