My Experience With Intermittent Fasting

If what your looking for is all the nitty gritty details about Intermittent Fasting (IF). A post that gives you the HOW and WHY IF works. This is not it. If you are looking for all the IF dets because you literally know nada, zero, zilch about it and your dying tone in the know then I suggest going here and checking out the great post Anna’a wrote on the subject a couple of months ago. This post right here is simply a recap of my own experience with IF……….


As close as Anna and I are I actually never realized IF was something that she had been really practicing over the last several years. Keep in mind until recently the West Coast was Anna’s home and being that we lived on two different coast I really  had no clue what her eating schedule was like. Looking back on the times we were together in the AM, I now realize I had hardly ever seen her consume more then a green juice. 

I stumbled into IF in a totally different manner then Anna. Two existing habits kept bringing the IF discussion up in my own brain…...



1) My Joe Rogan Podcast Obsession……

Great interviews + humor + interesting guest = Joe Rogan

I might have a podcast crush on him. In all seriousness his podcast are my go to and on a least a handful of occasions over the last year I have heard a few guest mention Intermittent Fasting  or Time Restricted Eating. After the second or third mention my interest in the subject was seriously peaked. Again, these were brief mentions and not all out explanations. Nonetheless they sparked a nugget of interest in me and once the seed is planted it is only a matter of time before I dive in.

Side note: Joe Rogan did eventually do a podcast all about Time Restricted Eating and you can check it out here. He is one of my favorites. 


2) My Obsession with Bulletproof coffee……..

If you have been following us over this last year it is no new news that I LOOOOVVVEEE coffee. About a year and a half ago I gave BulletProof coffee a whirl for the first time and well let’s just say it was love at first sip. I am just realizing now that for as much as I have snapped  myself making/consuming bullet coffee on our IG story, I have actually never written a proper post about the subject. Soon to come I promise! Here is a brief summary of what bulletproof coffee is two things

1) A way better coffee recipe that you can add into you daily regimen.

 You take high quality coffee and blend it with MCT oil (high quality fats that feeds your brain) and the result is a creamy delicious coffee that actually fills you up, helps with cravings, banishes brain fog, and helps you lose weight, build muscle, and increase focus and performance. You get all of that minus the typical midday caffeine crash. With all of that going for it of course it was love at first sip!!!!

2) It is also a diet brand and lifestyle that uses the coffee in combination with IF.

If your going to drink the Bulletproof coffee koolaid it is really only a matter of time before you start to consider trying out the whole package. 

I do believe that my love of Bulletproof coffee and its effectiveness ultimately lead me to giving IF an actual try. I mean if I could see positive results in just using the coffee then one could only imagine what would happen if I gave the whole lifestyle a try. I feel like it is easy to follow my mindset here.


Vital Proteins  is my go to collagen protein for my Bulletproof Coffee.

Vital Proteins is my go to collagen protein for my Bulletproof Coffee.

So I started doing IF almost exactly 6 months ago and I do kind of love it. If I am being 100 percent honest I also have moments when I’m really very meh about the whole thing. Haha I know, I know….How the hell is that helpful?


Here is why I love it……

It is convenient. I don’t have to worry about food or feeding myself in any capacity in the morning. My mornings are hectic and this just simplifies everything. 


I do notice a difference in my energy levels. On the days that I don’t follow IF my energy levels have way more noticeable spikes and dips. If I stay food free from 8pm-12pm (this is the fast window I am able to live with) not only are my energy level less bipolar, but also feel a noticable increase in my energy level over all.


My workouts on IF are almost always on point. 90% of the time I try and schedule my workouts in the am, which means I’m usually getting my workouts in during the fasting period. You would think that hitting the gym sans food would make me light headed and weak but the reverse is true. I’m like. Baadass warrior when I hit the gym with an empty tank. I believe this has much to do with the whole


Like Anna I have a whole slew of hormone regulation issues and I have found that quite a few of the symptoms I experience due to my hormonal swings have virtually disappeared. I have been simultaneously trying a few other natural treatments for my  hormone disorder so I can’t be a 100 percent sure if IF is responsible, but I honestly think that it is partially responsible. Specifically, my morning nausea is virtually gone with IF but if I go a few days in a row not practicing IF it immediately returns. I think that is a sign ….just saying!


And Why I Am Meh About It.....



I wake up starving and find it impossible to go from 8pm to 2pm without eating. The 8pm-2pm fast window is the Bulletproof IF protocol for IF. I find that the whole waking up famished thing slightly dissipates in time but it never  quite disappears and I'm starving by 11am.


I love breakfast so there is a big one. I could never commit to IF seven days a week simply because I want my damn breakfast! There is no way I am giving up a good breakfast at least once a week. Leading me to the nice compromise I have decided to strike up for myself, I practice IF for 5 out of the 7 days in a week. Sometimes it is more and sometimes it is less, but I have tried to stick to a minimum of 5 IF days a week.


I travel overseas for work and the constant time change makes it really hard to maintain an IF schedule. Nothing is worse then  getting is a good groove with something and then having it all come to a screeching halt because I have to travel for work. 


More about me liking to eat and the social experience of it all. My friends dine late. I’m talking 9pm is the average dinner time amongst my crew. An 8pm dining curfew makes it basically impossible to have dinner out with some of my favorite people. Again, this leads me back to only practicing IF 5 days a week and you guessed it weekends are usually my non IF days. 


The verdict is still out for me as to whether or not this type of eating is best for my body. I have always been under the belief that in order to get your metabolism firing then you must, must, must eat in the am. The science of IF turns that whole belief system upside down. Having your belief system turned upside down isn’t a bad thing but it does leave you a bit torn. I am still torn. 


I know mentioned Anna’s post at the start of this it but I’m bringing it up again  check out her IF story bc. her approach and how she even got into doing it is very different then mine. If there is one thing I want you to take away from this post it is the following……  There is no one way or right way. Do your research and read about how different people approach the IF lifestyle. Your reading this soooo your already on the right track. Ultimately, if your going to try this out you need to do it in a way that is going to be the best for you and your body.

Have any of you babes ever tried out IF?!?!? If so what has been your experience?!?!?

This will not be the final post on IF I can promise you that. I’m not done the discussion and my own personal exploration of IF. I will definitely be keeping you babes posted as I discover more about how the IF lifestyle effects my body. I am actually planning on putting a pause in the IF lifestyle for a month or two so I can give a good comparison post. Speaking if changing things up Anna and I are getting ready for a sugar fast. Follow our IG Story this week for the details.

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