Streaming Workout Review Part 1: My Month with LEKFit

Hard to believe that a month has already flown by since I first began my quest to try out and review 4 different streaming workouts. That is right, a month just like that!!!!!!! With all of the snow/ bitter cold weather we’ve had over the last month, the whole not having to leave my house to get my sweat on sure did came in handy. Convenience aside, the real question is...........


did I love it, hate it, or was it just mah?????

On scale of 1- 10

1 being, "This is horrible and I got nada out of it.”


10 being, I'm totally obsessed I’ve found my dream workout!”

LEKFIT is coming in as a 7.5.


Here is why?

I am a bit cardio obsessed, and I prefer my cardio to be high intensity. Basically, if I’m not out of breath and dripping in sweat at the end of an hour long cardio session, then it is not going to become my go to cardio. As much as I was really feeling the  LEKfit cardio sequences over the last month, they weren't getting me to that level of high intensity that I generally seek out. That being said, Lauren Kleban, the founder of the method, choreographs the majority of the LEKfit sequences for use of a trampoline with modifications given for floor work. I was performing these sequences sans trampoline, and can only imagine that perhaps I would have felt differently had I not been doing the floor modification. 


So why didn’t I use the trampoline???? I did think about purchasing a trampoline, but then I ruled against it. One of my goals in doing this whole multi method trial was to discover, which methods were truly a "take or do anywhere” exercise solution. If you travel like I do, then ankle weights and resistance bands can easily be packed in a suitcase, but a trampoline not so much. Ultimately, I needed to know how good these workouts fair without the use of non-portable equipment.


Despite not being as high intensity as I typically prefer, I still managed to work up a decent sweat with each of her cardio sequences, and I had a great time doing so. Every Wednesday a new sculpt and cardio routine are added to the site, which is great because the variety keeps you and your muscles from ever getting too comfortable. 



What Was Lacking?

I was longing for two things direction and a larger selection of add-ons


In terms of the lack of direction, I was really wanting more background information on the method and suggested use. Lauren provides a 40 second welcome video introducing you to the method, but for me it was lacking the basic info I was looking for. 

What I still don’t know….

Her suggested use of the method? 

How many days of week does she suggest training?

Should one try to do sculpt and bounce everyday? BTW that would mean a 2hr workout daily, which I can’t really do.

Or is alternating the sculpt and bounce from day to day how she intends the method to be used?


When I say there is a lack of variety I am strictly speaking about the quantity of add-on workouts provided. As I mentioned, new full length cardio and sculpt workouts are added each week and they are about 50 mins each. The add-ons are shorter workouts meant to be just that, an add-on. I don’t have 2 hours to do cardio and sculpt everyday and I suspect nor do many of you. This is where add-ons are come into play. On the days when I was short on time and could only squeeze cardio in, I liked having the option to throw in another 10 or 20 min of sculpt. As the library of add-ons stands now, I would get real bored of the selection if I was continuing on for another month.


Things you may need

The Long and Short Of It.

I really did/ do enjoy Lauren’s sequences. She provides great variety within her weekly uploads of the studio cardio and sculpt full series. Within the entire month I never found myself feeling bored or dreading a workout. One of the things I loved the most about the LEKfit method was that Lauren choreographs each practice so that it incorporates a little of everything: strength, cardio, and most importantly stretch. So imagine that even when your doing one of  the cardio bounce routines there will still be moments of strength work, but overall the general focus is cardio. If you are looking for high intensity cardio then you should  A) invest in a trampoline or B) Mix your cardio and don’t rely on only the LEKfit method. I chose option B.  I would mix in in my own cardio; going out on runs or taking a Soul Cycle class two to three days a week and then dedicating the other 3 days to LEKfit cardio. As far as the sculpt workouts, I committed to three workouts a week, either adding them to the end of a run or to the weekly cardio routine. 


Ok babes I hope that was helpful💕 If you have any more questions about my experience with the method please email or comment below. What’s next for me?? A month with Body By Simone. Be sure to tune into our IG stories to check out how my first week goes with this new method!

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