Move over Coconut Oil, this is the key to Glowing Skin

Beauty by Squalane and it's not going anywhere. 

We are all looking for the fountain of youth for skin care. I only recently realized that I need to take better care of my skin. Once I brought awareness to it, my skin keeps getting brighter, clearer and more glowy so I feel like I have to share one of my skincare secrets. 

Squalane. A natural beauty product that LEVELS UP your skincare regime and is the newest, hottest trend that lives up to the hype. So it might be new and trendy, but at the same time it is OLDER THAN DIRT. Literally the first cells billions of years ago had high squalene levels in them. The ancient Chinese and Japanese people used squalene derived from shark liver as a medicinal cure all. 




Squalane is the new beaty product on the block. Everyone was talking about Collagen, Collagen, Collagen which is still a great beauty go to, but SQUALANE is NEXT LEVEL. Don't get me wrong, collagen is still an amazing youth promoting mechanism and if you are getting your body to stimulate more collagen production that is IDEAL, but the supplementation of consuming collagen internally is a C+ in my book. That's another day, another blog post. 

SqualEne vs SqualAne

back to Squalane

Our bodies produce SquaLENE a compound that helps keep our skin moisturized and supple (youthful glow anyone?) And of course with aging our squalene production decreases over time. Enter SquaLANE a hydrogenated form of squalene that can be derived from shark liver (no thanks), olives, wheat germ and sugar cane. Scientists hydrogenate the squalane compound to saturate make it more stable. This helps the skin's absorption, anti-oxidation and increases the shelf life of squalane. 



Biossance has figured out a way to naturally derive and stabilize squalane so it is optimal for the skin and the environment. This is the BEST moisturizer for your skin that is the closest thing to the way your skin naturally moisturizes. SqualEne is found in the sebum (what your skin secretes) and is most prevalently produced by the body up until your 20s. Then of course the production decreases as does the youthful glow of your skin. KEEPING the supplementation of SqualAne allows you to continue that glow well after your 20s. TG! 



Generates oxygen to cells
Immune stimulation
Fat regulator


Squalane is readily absorbed into the skin (and hair) once permeated it acts as an anti-oxidant, promotes cell regeneration, is antibacterial and prevents UV damage, not to mention a MAJOR moisturizer.

Other PERKS include: 

  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Moisture balancing

  • increased skin elasticity

  • Rapid absorption

  • Makes a great base for your foundation

  • Can be used on hair-doesn't strip your natural oils and actually gets absorbed unlike some oils that sit on top of hair follicles

  • Noncomedogenic-doesn't clog pores and works great for every skin type including oily.

  • Can orally supplement with it for added benefits, that actually work-the highly researched mediterranean diet is high in olive consumption one of the best sources of squalene.



Brightens and firms by locking in Moisture. 

Nylon Beauty awards 2017 BEST FACE OIL: Biossance Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil

Which includes

I have been comboing my squlane and rosehip oil for my own DIY best facial oil. Add some treatment of Dr. Dennis Gross Vitamin C Collagen serum and you have all the bases covered for the best skincare regimen on the block. 


Invest in a bottle of squalane, invest in some organic cold pressed rosehip oil, if you're lazy just grab the biossance product that combines them both and adds vitamin C. Either way you need some eco friendly, plant derived squalane on your skin STAT. 




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