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Who doesn't love a good Tan? I was all about fake baking as a teenager. It was a bad, bad habit, but despite how bad I knew it was I wouldn’t stop. It took a friend with a melanoma scare from a tanning bed that made me promise to stop I finally got out of the tanning bed routine. I love worshipping the sun and still enjoy being in the sun and getting some Vitamin D. Now I am aware of the damage to my skin that I was doing basking away in the sun while simultaneously aging my skin. One thing you can’t deny is the accelerated aging of your skin from exposure to sunlight. Elders would always tell me about the dangers of  tanning and the sun and now I wish I would have listened. Now I lather up ORGANIC SPF and layer clothing for protection + hat and enjoy the summer heat. 

What's a girl who wants to protect her skin, but loves a great tan to do? Add a new weekly ritual of self spray to get me through! A great form of self care is boosting your confidence with a fabulous organic spray tan! 



Benefits of Spray Tanning 

  • Avoid skin damaging UV rays 
  • Keeps the skin youthful (by not aging in the sun)
  • It's QUICK and EFFICIENT you don't have to spend all summer working on your tan 
  • It's customizable-the color and tones are in your control as long as you communicate with your sprayer (go for blue/violet tones avoid orange and red). 
  • The high demand has created formulas that aren't filled with toxic chemicals 
  • You can have a healthy glow all year round 
  • Instant Confidence BOOST-I'm telling you I feel amazing after a good spray tan and always get lots of compliments on my tan. You feel like you just lost 5 pounds IDK why lol. 

 If I was in an area that had proficient spray tanning salons readily available I would invest in a package with them, but since I'm not right now this is what I have been loving and would recommend. 

These are my TOP TRUSTED sprayers! If you are in these areas go to them for your spray! 

San Diego: The Tan Banana the best ever! seriously I wish I still lived in San Diego for MANY Reasons, but mostly to have access to The Tan Banana! 

Denver: Glow Body and Sun-Organic Tans in Denver. This was an easy transition from San Diego

 Las Vegas: Nikki Bree For my birthday I was in a pinch one year and needed a spray. This was one of the best spray tans I've gotten and they will come to you. Plus it's organic, cruelty free, all the things I love! 

If you watched my insta stories a few weeks ago you saw my spray tan saga . I have been testing out this Bahama Tan natural self tanner from Amazon and I approve. MAINLY because of the ingredients. The ingredients are my top approval, the fact that it gives a good even, NATURAL looking tan along with NATURAL ingredients is a WIN WIN WIN. I'm sure there are other self tanning applications that are easier for DIY, but if you are thinking about caring for the largest organ in your body and what it is absorbing ingredients-wise this is a go to in my book. 

For an even more AU NATUREL option you can literally brew black tea spray it on yourself and call it a day. If you are looking at other self tanning options always refer to EWG.ORG to make sure the ingredients check out. (Why I love's skin deep guide blog post is here)

Why I LOVE my DIY Bahama Tan in Medium (Level 2).

  • Cruelty Free
  • Made In USA 
  • Non GMO 
  • No Parabens 
  • No Alcohols
  • No Petro Chemicals 
  • No artificial fragrances 
  • The ingredients are LEGIT! 

Steps for Self Tan Success 

  1. EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE -The day before, the shower before, just do it for smooth, even tan. I use a dry brush before the shower. Then a coffee scrub or other exfoliating type to even skin for a smooth spray tan canvas. 
  2. Shave-This formula says don't shave the same day as you apply the formula, but I ALWASY do before I go to a spray tanner and I have been shaving before this formula with no dark pore issues. Use a clean, sharp razor and shave for added smoothness and even layering. 
  3. DRY-After showering completely pat yourself dry.  
  4. OIL- I coconut oil the tricky places: Hands, Feet, elbows, Knees. Trust me you do not want the straight formula on these. I was so excited to be tan the first time around I didn’t dilute on those areas and they turned out very orangey/splotchy/DARK. Remember anywhere you get oil the spray tan will not go on as strong so be strategic. Only oil knees, elbows, hands and feet.  
  5. Mit Prep-If using this formula I recommend that comes with a dark glove for application: Put on that mit and dab with some water-this way the formula doesn’t just absorb straight into the tanning glove. 
  6. Apply- Evenly wipe formula along your body
    1. I start with legs circling from ankle up and going over your entire leg multiple times to make sure you aren’t missing any spots.  a light swipe over/around feet and ankles and knees then the next segment, thighs. 
    2. Lower leg-thigh, lower leg-thigh, buns, abdomen, BACK you might want an assist, arms lower and upper, all around. neck and chest, 
    3. Face: if you want one small swipe of the face make sure it is even and light.OR don’t do your face at all and use makeup to match. 
  7. Dry- for 15 minutes at least. I sometimes use my blow dryer on warm or cool to help the process. 
  8. SET-Set it your tan. Try a talc free baby powder like this (cheaper to buy direct here) and fluffy makeup brush spread it over your tan and dust off after 10 mins. 


9. Don't Ruin your Clothes: Put on dark loose       clothing after

10.Rinse-Rinse off after the tan has set for at       least 8 hours 

  1. Note: If you don’t rinse off after the tan has set you risk more unevenness and the tanner wiping off if you sweat or get wet. Might as well rinse and have your base set. 

    WARNING if you have light bed sheets and/or sweat at night your tanner could stain so be careful. This has happened to me, but it did wash out. 


Where is your go to Spray Tan Salon? If you are in PA/NYC/LA please tell me your go to! Do you have a favorite natural self tanner? Share below! 




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