How to Acquire Legal Cannabis in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is now one of the 30 Legal Cannabis states and 1 of 22 Medical only programs in the country. Hopefully that changes soon and recreational cannabis sales will pass, but nothing on the ballots…yet.

If you’re a PA local here’s what you need to know to get your medical card and gain access to legal cannabis. 

1) First you must pre-register online at 

Select 'Adult Patient' unless you're applying as a Caregiver for someone else, then select relevant Caregiver forms. 

When registering enter your information exactly as it appears on your PA driver’s license or ID card. reminds you to: 

  • Type in ALL CAPS when entering your information.

  • Do not use spaces between the numbers in the driver’s license or PennDOT-issued ID card number.

  • Do not use punctuation such as periods or commas in your address.

  • Example:  your address is listed as 100 E MAIN ST on your driver’s license – do not spell out EAST or STREET  – must be exactly as it appears.


2) Make an appointment with one of the registered practitioners in the state. You will need a certification from a registered Physician before you can receive your medical cannabis card. A full list of practitioners can be found here and is always being updated with additional registered practices.  Be sure to bring any and all relevant medical records for your conditions when you see your physician. 



Unfortunately there seems to be a collective of registered practitioners that are charging an arm and a leg for their consultations for cannabis curious patients…. $300, $500, $600!!! 

This is very upsetting, especially since we had a personal experience with a registered physician who clearly was against medical cannabis use, yet was happy to charge $400 for their recommendation and follow ups every 3 months? HARD PASS.

There are also instances of Practitioners doing the right thing like a physician who didn’t charge someone who they felt would greatly benefit from medical cannabis treatment. There’s still some hope for humanity. 

BOTTOM LINE you should NEVER pay more than $200 (plus small state fee) to the registered physician who is certifying you for medical cannabis clearance. Also on a physician by physician basis some will require you (and charge you) to follow up every 3 months. This is not required by the state and you should ideally only go to your physician for the certification once each year to renew your medical card certification. 

3. Once you receive your physician certification log back in to the account you created on the Pennsylvania website:  and pay for your medical cannabis card. The state fee is $50. The PA department of Health will then Mail your card. 

4. Obtain Medical Cannabis from an approved dispensary in Pennsylvania. Most dispensaries only accept cash. Be sure to bring your medical card as well as your ID when you go to a dispensary. You can check out weedmaps for dispensaries in your area and sometimes their product offerings (not always updated). 




We highly recommend the products and flower from Ilera Healthcare.

They grow and process out of their state of the art, pristine facility. Their products are designed with patients in mind and they only process with CO2 extraction a much cleaner, "healthier" way for the end consumer to use their products. 

Their full product line can be found here . Their flagship shop is located at 420 Plymouth Meeting Road, Plymouth Meeting PA you can also find them at multiple locations throughout the state. 


Free the flower! 


Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program passed flower giving patient’s access to affordable, approachable medicine. Starting in the next few months you will be able to purchase the bud you know and love (with a valid ID and medical card of course).

Once again ILERA is ahead of the game and will be one of two companies in the state ready to provide flower to the Pennsylvania medical market. 

You can gauge a preview of the strains they will have available by creeping on their current products page.  They are growing highly coveted strains in gorgeous greenhouses under the care of some of the best in the industry. They only use natural "organic" growing methods and their flower passes state approval with flying colors. 

I will be doing a post on pesticide dangers, but for now know you don't want them on your flower and Ilera is a safe choice for medical cannabis consumption. 









Please comment of email us if you have any specific questions.