Anna's Morning Routine



A solid AM routine can really set the tone for your day and set you up for success. We have been dialing in our mornings to maximize time and promote health. Here’s exactly how it goes down starting with Anna every day and WHY you should pick up some of these hacks for your AM. 

Reality is I may click snooze a few times before getting up (“bad” habit) working on it, but in all honestly not always as bright eyed and busy-tailed jumping out of bed in the AM.  ESPECIALLY with the changes of season and Full Moon energy, feel me? When I finally do get a move on here’s what happens:

1) Brush Teeth

Duh, everyone should brush their teeth. I just have to do this ASAP to feel refreshed in the morning. 

  • tongue scraper-game changing. Literally can’t leave home without my tongue scraper. An ancient Ayurvedic practice that helps to eliminate unwanted bacteria from the tongue and balance your overall body. Your mouth health is SO important it’s the front door to the rest of your body!

  • Recycled toothbrush-I try to switch out a toothbrush every month for cleanliness and have been loving a charcoal bamboo sustainable toothbrush over plastic. Recycled plastic toothbrushes are a start, but bamboo is where it’s at and can find easily on Amazon.

  • healthy toothpaste-THERE IS SO MUCH CRAP IN TOOTHPASTE OMG . Dr Bronner’s, fluoride free has great, safe ingredients. No it doesn’t foam, but you’ll be safe from questionable ingredients in name brands.

  • Brushing rinse-along with my sustainable, earth and health friendly Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste I up my game with this Hydrogen peroxide brushing rinse. The ingredients are amazing and refreshing. Ditch the toxic blue mouthwash on your sink and swap it out for this. Trust me it’s whitening, anti-bacterial, refreshing properties are addicting.  

2) Make the bed

  • this HAS to be done in the AM for my peace of mind. I need to get into a nicely made bed at night and it just feels so much more put together if you make your bed. 

    1. My rule is whoever is the last one out of bed has to make the bed! Motivation to JUMP out of bed in the AM and default to your partner making the bed lol! 

    3) AM workout

  • I prefer to workout in the AM because it’s one of the harder things to get myself to do and I find it works best for me to tackle challenges first thing in the AM or they won’t get tackled. I like to do one of the following: 

  • Barre-Love a barre studio like The Dailey Method, but lately I’ve been using physique 57 for quick, accessible online workouts. 

    1. Run-I don’t run as much as I used to, but sometimes I can be down for a quick 1 mile to maximum 6 mile run. It doesn’t jive great with my body anymore so I usually will do a walk with some intervals of speed. 

    2. Yoga-Always a great way to start the day, stretching and elongating the muscles. 

    4) Kundalini Yoga meditation

  • You can read more about our journeys and why we aim to start our days with kundalini yoga here. A lot of the routines mentioned are in this youtube video. These are some of our meditation tools. we use for the following meditations:

  • Breath of Fire 3-7minutes

    1. Ajai Alai-beautiful mantra chanted for 5-7 minutes

    2. cat cow breath work  3-7 minutes REALLY helps to relieve lower back pain

    3. Aap sahae hoa- 3-7 minutes THROW in an abundance meditation 

    4. Affirmations-I say 4 different “I AM…” affirmations out loud 10 times

    5. 10-20 mins of silent meditation-for clarity, creativity and SANITY



5) Daily Probiotic

  • Probiotic: healthy gut = happy life 

    1. I try to chase it down with a sip of kombucha/jun tea or water kefir (4 oz or less) to add more probiotic benefits 

    6) Hormone balancing Tea

  • A non negotiable. My acupuncturist in Denver prescribed me to this herb combination and I have been adamant about having some combination of it ever since. 

He Shou Wun-hormone balancing, DNA protecting, boosts hair and nail growth. All of the above please.

  1. Eastern Medicine Herbs: See an herbalist, Tibetan or other Eastern healer to get a personalized combination of herbs for different times of the month.  Highly recommend Dr. Lopsang Dhondup if you are in California

  2. Mushrooms: Instead of coffee I have my herbal tea. It’s already not exciting to drink so might as well add more health benefits to it. I like to add a mushroom powder. Four Sigmatic is slaying the mushroom potion game with easy additions to your AM drinks. I also love sun potion for their potency and instant effects.

7) Hot Water with Lemon: MAJOR HYDRATION

Add the following

  • A pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt : for electrolytes and immediate rehydration

  • Moringa Powder  flood your cells on a daily basis with this powerful antioxidant. Read more about the benefits of moringa here

  • Half a Lemon : gets the digestive tract warmed up and alkalizes the body

  • MSM  Energizes the body on a cellular level. Also boosts hair, nail and collagen production.

Mix it all up in my Yeti and I’m ready to take on the day

And while I’m at it get in my Vegan B12 on an empty stomach

8) CBD Supplement

Cannabis for me is a health supplement. Just like I pop my B12 and Vitamin D3 I believe it’s so important to nourish your body with cannabinoids on a regular basis. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant with many healing effects. I prefer a ratio of THC:CBD with other cannabinoids like CBG, THCA, ETC. present, but for now the best CBD products on the market that I know and trust the most are below and I take them every day!

  • Truest You Hemp is a local company serving up some of the highest quality hemp products with real results.

  • KB Pure Essentials is ALWAYS a go to they get their organic hemp from Colorado and infuse organic olive oil. They have a special right now with 30% off with code: SAVEME30



Please comment of email us if you have any specific questions.