Streaming Workout Review: Part 2

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 In my OG post about streaming workouts (I can not believe it was 8 months ago) I talked about trying 4 different methods over the course of the year.  Well, I have completed 4 methods, but I’ve switched the game plan a bit.  

Suprise! Surprise!

I 100 hundred percent plan on still trying all 4 of those plans and reporting back however, my body and my schedule were seeking and wanting some variety. I quickly came to realize that the 4 methods I chose were very very similar. If you know me then you know I get bored easily. One day I like to swim, then one day I want to run, and the next maybe hit up a barre class. Yea, so six months of rebounder based cardio just wasn’t going to do it for me. This is my realness, I totally f*cked up when I picked the original four methods. I should have taken the above knowledge about myself into consideration BEFORE I committed to the list

The good news about my blunder is that it has me sweating along with the streaming life for  a lot longer than I had planned. This is extremely helpful considering I’m on a tight budget these days, and almost every streaming plan out there is much more wallet friendly in comparison to the average gym membership and/or drop in specialty fitness class. 

You can basically join three different plans and still come in under what you might pay for a monthly gym membership. Currently, I’m sweating and stretching at home along with Physique57 and Alomoves.

Oh, another fun twist since the original post was published, Anna has decided to get in on the fun and will be reviewing one of her favorite methods for us as well.

So What Streaming Workouts Have I (We) Tried So Far???

LEKfit…..See my review here

Tone It Up (not on my original list)

Physique 57 (not on my original list) 

Body By Simone 

Let’s get into the reviews….

Body By Simon

(Gigi) I can not give this a fair review because Body By Simone was my first two month dive into streaming workouts. Since my stint working out with her streaming method, Simone De La Rue, has launched an app for her streaming service. This changes everything because some of my biggest complaints, such as phone accessibility, more direction on how to use the program, and live-streaming have all been addressed with the new app. Honestly, the app sounds amazing and has me pondering when and how I can fit this in to give you babes a sneak peak. HMMMM I’m predicting a follow along on our story or perhaps a perspective of the method from Anna. The low down on the app is that you can download it completely free and still have access to short ten minuet workouts. If you want the premium membership it comes at a not so steep price tag of $19.99 a month. With that you receive 

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A Personalized Plan

An In App Fitness Tracker

Live Streaming and Videos

A Nutrition Program

Tons Of Waistline Friendly Recipes

I sound like an infomercial. For real though, that list of features is pretty epic considering the cost. What I can tell you about Simone De La Rue’s method is that I really, really, loved her strength workouts. I am huge fan of methods that focus on strength training with the use of light weights and high reps. I have found that this is the best way for me to build longer leaner muscle mass. I want to be strong, but I am also carful not to get too bulky. There is not judgment from me towards anyone who prefers the opposite. Strong is the new sexy for sure, but strong also looks different across different body types. That being said if you are looking to gain larger muscles mass then this method is likely not for you.  

The Body By Simone videos varied in length and gave options to either target specific body parts or to work multiple areas at once. Despite the lack of an app at that time, I had no trouble watching the videos from my phone. This was great because it meant that I was able to use her workouts at the gym. Yes, part of the point of a streaming workout is the ability to loose the gym membership. However, the right streaming workout can also be a great addition to your gym membership. Armed with Simone’s videos I felt like I was working out with a personal trainer at the gym. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 8.41.19 AM.png

This leads  me to one of the biggest drawbacks I had with the method…..

The Body By Simone Cardio videos relied heavily on the use of a rebounder (mini trampoline). I didn’t want to commit to buying a rebounder at the time, and without it I didn’t feel fulfilled by her cardio options. Now, from my understanding this has completely changed with the launch of the app. Simone now offers a variety of cardio videos ranging from HIT, to rebounder, to dance. Lack of cardio options be gone!

All I can say is I can’t wait to revisit the method. 

Physique 57 

(Anna) I will definitely do a full post on why I am obsessed with barre classes, but in the meantime let’s dive right in to our streaming workout series and my take on Physique 57 compared to live studio classes. I have tried pure barre, the daily method and barre method along with local gym studio barre classes and I have to say that The Dailey Method is hands down my favorite. Their focus on alignment and fun classes kept me coming back for years until I moved to a location without TDM nearby. I tried pure barre for a while, but was not a fan. Enter a free trial of Physique 57 streaming workouts

I have to say these workouts are great because they are challenging like a physical class, they have amazing variety of instructors, type of workouts, time to workout, etc. I love that I don’t have to drive anywhere and can literally do them in my office, outside or in a hotel room, a huge streaming plus. The flexibility of the workouts comes from the minimal amount of equipment needed. 


The workouts are challenging and easy to follow along. They are the most similar I’ve found to The Dailey Method and their instructors talk you into the poses and make sure to tell you what you should be feeling and where your alignment should be. The Live classes are the most challenging and really reflect what it’s like to be in a real cardio barre class. Another great plus is they have workout series, abs and arms, 10 weeks to toned legs, etc. They have instructors and different series for each day so you don’t have to think about it and can just follow the schedule and chip away at your freshly toned bod. 

 I Love physique 57 and for $20 a month I am taking on that subscription streaming over a gym membership any day of the week. The only time I wouldn’t recommend at least trying a free trial of Physique 57 is A) you can’t motivate yourself to workout at home, you probably wouldn’t like any of the streaming series or B) If you’ve never attended an actual barre class or don’t have a general knowledge of anatomy. The only reason I say that is because being out of alignment and in the wrong position in barre can be painful and dangerous. That’s the plus of being at the studio is the instructor can physically get you into proper alignment. 

Tone It Up

(Gigi) If you are on IG then you must know the tone it up babes Katrina and Karena. Maybe you don’t know them from IG, but have stumbled across their collection of workout gear and protein powders at the one and only Target. I know we are talking their workout program here, but their protein powders are AMAZING.



Allergen friendly, 


I am being very infomercial like again.

I stumbled across these ladies and their workout app simply because they are slaying social media. With over 2 million followers it was pretty much a given that I would eventually find them popping up on my feed and when they did I took notice. They became the first departure from my original list of methods.

Their insane following and community is exactly what sets the Tone It Up program apart from everything else I have tried so far. These babes have worked hard to build an online community of support and inspiration. Despite the solitude of working out from home, you never actually feel alone when using their program. I mean literally you aren’t because the app shows you the other users who streaming along with you. These girls are all about babes inspiring babes with their offerings of….


Local Meet Ups

Twitter and IG workout check-ins

An Online Community Forum 

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 8.49.00 AM.png

We all know that one of the hardest parts about committing to a fitness routine is motivation. Having a workout buddy and someone to be accountable to is the biggest solution to that dilemma. These babes have conquered that issue for you. So you get not only a great workout, but thousands of virtual workout buddies as well.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 8.50.46 AM.png

Ok so the community is inspiring and great, but what about the workouts?

Variety, Variety, Variety

That is yet another aspect of their streaming service that sets them apart. The Tone It Up babes have assembled an amazing team of trainers all with various fitness backgrounds. If you subscribe to their monthly streaming you gain access to a broad range of at home classes.


Kick Boxing



Toning Cardio

For $12.99 a month, or if you opt for the yearly subscription at $6.99 a month, there is really no risk to trying out their studio service. Again, back to the variety I pretty much guarantee that if you try this out for a month you will get your moneys worth. If just can’t swing the premium studio plan these babes have made their workouts accessible to all. If you download the app you still gain access to the girls daily

moves, which is a series of 10- 15 toning moves that change every day.The exercises range from squats, lunges with sliding disks (, core work and HIIT moves.  These are great toning exercises to do solo or as an add on to any cardio routine. If all of that is not enough, try visiting their website for their daily blog posts full of smoothie recipes, fitness tips, weekly workout plans, and more! All of that is FREE!!!!!!  Yes, FREE!

The Babes also offer a paid nutrition plan, which I did try and was truly impressed with. I will leave the details of that for a future post.

Conclusion, I love, love, love this program, and  I would not hesitate recommending this to anyone.

OK Babes, I need to wrap this post up, but please if you have any specific questions about any of these programs please email or comment below.



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Please comment of email us if you have any specific questions.