Winter Skincare and CBD Beauty


If you’re a 20 something+ and not completely immersed in skincare you must not use the internet at all.

Millennial generations are BOMBARDED with skincare regimes and I’m guilty of drinking the kool-aid. After I have finally began to get my hormonal acne under control i’ve realized I have a new foe to fight with- signs of aging. 

The problem with the beauty industry in general are the ingredients and proposed effects of said ingredients. Women will pay astronomical prices for skincare products with any anti-aging, anti-wrinkle claims, but where’s the science to back it up?

Not always readily available. 

That’s part of the reason why I like to check all of my beauty finds with the skin deep consumer guide so I at least know if the ingredients are clean or known carcinogens.

A sign of the times shows that consumer energy is moving towards green beauty with Sephora’s clean beauty section. I am very happy to see natural brands like Youth to the People, Kora organics and others with recognizable ingredients on the shelves in Sephora. (My wallet however is not so pleased).  

Even GREENER beauty is becoming more widely available with the addition of cannabis to beauty products. The question is: do they work? Is the amount of cannabinoids present enough to give the desired effects? 

There is research showing that cannabinoids are more bioavailable to the body when absorbed through the skin so it’s no wonder that many topical, transdermal products are becoming mainstream.

“Drugs, such as cannabinoids, that are metabolized by liver and gut enzymes (first-pass hepatic metabolism), have specific pharmacokinetic requirements, demonstrate poor gastrointestinal permeability and cause irritation and therefore require alternatives to systemic oral delivery. Transdermal, nasal, inhaled-pulmonary and oral transmucosal delivery formulations enable drug uptake directly into the blood, thereby eliminating first-pass metabolism. “ Natascia Bruni 1 , Carlo Della Pepa 2 , Simonetta Oliaro-Bosso 2 , Enrica Pessione 3 , Daniela Gastaldi 4 and Franco Dosio 2,* Source

We are ecstatic that the Industrial Hemp farm bill passed and it will give greater access across the country to CBD, but with the accessibility can come snake oil salesmen and dilution of quality products.

CBD is becoming a huge buzzword in health and for good reason I have an entire post dedicated to its’ healing effects here. When consumers are marketed products with CBD they are willing to spend a little more for this precious cannabinoid present in their products. When a product formulation is carefully designed with CBD in mind it can be worth it, but when some companies include a minuscule amount of CBD just to have it on the label and charge more, the product’s proposed benefits may not be experienced. Since the benefits of CBD aren’t always easily measurable it can be tricky to know which products are worth shelling out the extra cash for.

This is why it sometimes could be a good idea to have bulk CBD on hand that you can experiment and add to your own beauty products (as well as you should be supplementing with a CBD regime orally every day for overall health).

“Interesting and promising transdermal administration results can also be found in the use of terpenes (from the same source) as CBD and THC penetration enhancers, and thus improve the effectiveness of the therapeutic components. This, once again, highlights the role that quality plays in defining the composition, dosage and related safety of the components extracted from cannabis.” Natascia Bruni 1 , Carlo Della Pepa 2 , Simonetta Oliaro-Bosso 2 , Enrica Pessione 3 , Daniela Gastaldi 4 and Franco Dosio 2,* Source

Some of the best sources of CBD oil I have found. I know and trust the founders of these companies personally.

KB Pure essentials-Organic Colorado-grown hemp carried in organic extra virgin olive oil 

Truest you Hemp  -Colorado Hemp carried in MCT oil

BioRemediesMD -The only biomarker for CBD in the country.


CBD Skincare products that are tested and true:

Maria Valentino SKIN:HAIR:NAILS The Beautiful Maria Valentino just released her product line of CBD skin care products and they are lovingly formulated with everything you want to put on your skin and nothing you don’t want. What gives her products the extra punch is the addition of plant terpenes that work alongside the CBD and Mushroom extracts to facilitate absorption and increased effects.

Milk Kush Mascara: I’m sure CBD is great for lash growth, but this mascara is just an all around go getter. It lengthens and creates luscious lashes instantly. Eyelash extensions be warned MILK Kush mascara is coming for you.

Lotus 8 CBD Lip Balm: A luxurious peppermint CBD lip balm that helps heal and lock in moisture.

Herbivore Emerald Glow Oil: First ingredient=Hemp Seed oil. That’s what I like to see in a CBD facing beauty product. This packs a powerful punch with plant-derived squalene alongside shiitake, ashwagandha and other plant superfoods your skin is worth it.

Winter Beauty Must Haves


I combine my CBD skincare with these stand out beauty products for glowy, moisturized skin throughout the cold, dry winter.

  • Dr Dennis Gross Facial Steamer-EXTRA, but necessary at the same time. Fabulous for an at home facial and increases absorption of beauty products applied during sessions.

  • KORA Organics Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask: “brightens and promotes skin cell renewal” I always feel brightened after this satisfying exfoliating mask.

  • LANEIGE Lip mask: I can’t go to sleep without lathering my lips with this hydration mask. I used to wake up with dry, chapped lips and now my lips literally are moist and PLUMP as soon as I wake up. Game changer.

  • Volition Snow Mushroom Water Serum: First ingredient is mushroom extract so you know they aren’t messing around. The snow mushroom can hold up to 500x it’s weight in water so this serum was designed to be ultra hyrdating, helps to minimize pores and increase collagen production. I can definitely attest to the long-lasting hydrating effects.

  • Tan Luxe: I am really loving this serum that is added into your facial moisturizer to tan your face. I need a bit of color during the winter after hiding under my bluestone sun shield all summer.

  • Facial Massage: This is a year round affair, I absolutely love massaging my face during my cleansing and exfoliating with Foreo that vibrates and help scrub out any makeup and debris. After I follow with a Gua Sha massage or my Clarisonic facial massager to help sculpt my face and increase absorption of all of these products!




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