Trick or Treat?!?! Cannabliss Sunflower Cups.........All The Fun And Flavor, But Minus All The Allergens.


Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. Everything about it from the spooky folklore, to the costumes, to the decorations, I am just obsessed. True story; I LOVE halloween sooo much that my mom actually let have one of my Birthday parties 5 months early just so I could have a Halloween party. My sister, who’s Birthday is actually in October hated me for this….BIG SHOUT OUT to my Mom for making my dreams come true!

Also, I may or may not have fantasied about having a halloween themed costume party……

A love like that doesn’t simply die off because one is now adulting. Instead, Halloween lovers like myself, elevate the holiday to another level. A more adult level; Better costumes, a house decked out to be the scariest in the neighborhood, and perhaps even a bougie halloween bash. In my personal opinion, this grown up version of my holiday calls for treats that are elevated above and beyond the average Reese Cup. That is why my halloween treat to all of you I this monsetrously delicious (see what I did there 🤣) Bliss Cup recipe.


What Is A Bliss Cup?!?!

Foreshadowed above, a bliss cup is my super heady spin on the classic favorite, The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

How Are The Different?

The first and most apparent reasons is that they are a cannabis edible. One could call it a spiked candy. If you prefer your candy sober it is easy enough to modify. You will simply substitute the cannabliss butter for coconut oil. 

The second reason these bliss cups are elevated is because they are completely allergen free. Allergen free and still addictively delicious. When I have these on hand I have to remind myself that these are edibles and eating more then one at a time would not be advisable. 

In the spirit of being Allergen free our Bliss cups are made with sunflower butter rather then your traditional peanut butter. This, by the way, is another negotiable point.  If you prefer peanut butter do it up, and simply switch out the sunflower butter for your nutt butter of choice.

Oh but wait! I have more options for you. I’ve got two recipe options for the chocolate.

For all you babes who are trying your best to avoid refined sugar at all costs, I’ve got your back. I, by the way, am very much on that mode of life. We will be making our own chocolate. Don’t fret it is not much more difficult then the second chocolate recipe option, which uses chocolate chips. If you are adamantly opposed to making your own chocolate, I have included a few refined sugar free chocolate options on our shopping list below. Note: If you go this route the Bliss Cups will need to be kept refrigerated. Homemade chocolate  tends to become rather soft at room temperature. You don’t want your beautiful treats to become a mess. A delicious mess, but a mess none the less. 

For those of you babes who could give two sh*ts about your sugar intake, then go ahead and use the chocolate chips. It is slightly faster and the chocolate holds up better at room temperature.

Either way you decide to go with the recipe you can’t go wrong!

Bliss Cups:

Makes 24 cups

Dosage Info:
These are made to provide a very mellow high using our cannabliss butter. If you would like to increase strength you can substitute the coconut oil in the chocolate for more cannabliss butter. That being said, I do not encourage the eating edibles that rock your world leave you stoned for two days straight. Making edibles that are too strong is not advised. I have heard three too many stories of people landing in the ER with a panic attack because they have consumed too much THC. You need to consider your own tolerance as well as the tolerance of those you may be sharing these delicious treats with.

What We Need

What We Need (For The Chocolate DIY)


What We Need (The Chocolate Short Cut)

For The Filling (what we need)



How We Do

  1. Get the chocolate ready…...

     (Homemade Chocolate):

  • Melt the cacao butter over low heat until it's liquid.

  • Remove from heat and add in remaining ingredients, stirring until everything is creamy and well combined.

  • Taste and adjust by adding more sweetener/salt.

 (Using Chocolate Chips)

  • Melt chocolate chips with coconut oil using a double broiler. Don’t fret, if you don’t have one just use a small saucepan, and melt over low-heat while continuously stirring.

  • Once completely melted remove from heat. 

2. Set Up The Cups….

  • Line muffin tins with silicon muffin cups.

  • With a small spoon or cookie scoop, evenly distribute melted chocolate into each muffin cup. Drop pan repeatedly on the counter to help chocolate flatten and smooth out. You should only be using about half of your chocolate. The remainder will be used to later cover the filling. Freeze whole pan for 15 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, let’s make the filling…..

  •  Combine sunflower butter, cannabliss butter, vanilla, and coconut flour in a food processor .

  • Use a teaspoon and place large spoonfuls of the filling mixture onto a baking sheet lined with a silicon baking mat or wax paper. Use the back of the spoon to slightly flatten each of the balls. Remember we are making 24 cups, so you make sure you have 24 filling balls on your baking sheet. Pop the baking sheet in the freezer for 10 minuets. 

Maybe do some squats while you wait for everything to set up in the freezer. I’m a multi-tasker what can I say. 

4. Put It All Together……

  • Take Your Muffin Pans and baking sheet out of the freezer. Check the remaining chocolate as it may need to be slightly warmed up if it has begun to thicken.

  • Peel each filling disc off of the baking mat and place one inside each of the chocolate filled muffin pans.

  • Working quickly, portion small spoonfuls of chocolate into each cups, three cups at a time, immediately dropping the pan repeatedly on the counter to flatten cups. When portioning out the top chocolate layer, the chill from the frozen peanut will harden the top layer of chocolate very quickly, so you must flatten out the tops quickly after spooning on the chocolate.

  • Freeze whole pan for 15 minutes to set the top layer of chocolate. 

5. Accessorize them as desired.

  • Keep them plain, sprinkle with nibs, or if your feeling particularly festive even candy corn. Get creative with it!

Store refrigerated in an airtight container.



Please comment of email us if you have any specific questions. 

Disclaimer: All Recipes created for this blog are made within a 420 friendly state. Though we may not agree with the laws placed against Marijuana throughout this country, we are in no way advocating or suggesting that you break the laws within your own state. If you disagree with said laws we highly urge you to fight against the laws restricting marijuana within your state. That being said, all recipes on this site are intended for use only by those who live in states or countries where the medical and/or recreational use of marijuana is legal. In addition, these recipes are intended for use only who are of 21 years of age and of sound mind. Remember to never operate heavy machinery or drive a car under the influence of cannabis.