NYC Cannabis Event Weekend Recap


A lot of people ask us how we got into the Cannabis industry and  how we find out about events etc. 

I should do an entire post or video on suggestions of how to get your foot in the door of this rapidly expanding industry. For now just check your local facebook events page or websites like eventbrite or for people hosting interesting cannabis events near you.


We love to network and meet like minded individuals who are in the industry or are looking to get into the industry. The more people talking about the cannabis plant and spreading awareness and education the more normalized it can become which enables us to break the stigmas surrounding it while helping to increase the accessibility of the plant. 


I headed to NYC for the weekend to see some friends in Brooklyn and make our way to some awesome Cannabis Events.

Event #1: Friday Night At Alchemist’s Kitchen

Friday Night I hit up The Highly Sexed Conversation at The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York. If you are in the Bucks County/Central NJ Area you are lucky to have access to one of my favorite places the Stockton Market open Friday-Sunday. They not only have incredible local vendors like

  • Blue Moon Acres: microgreens and salad supplies

  • Market Pizza-I get their pizza every Saturday post yoga, it’s LEGIT

  • Sweet Melissa’s Patisserie-pan chocolat!

They also have an outpost of The Alchemist’s Kitchen which is where I found out about said kitchen’s main location in NYC and their Bowery Cannabis Club where members get discounts to products and events. You can find a plethora of interesting items from calming bath salts, potent superfoods to a large realm of CBD products. Talk to Dawn the herbalist at the Stockton location if you have any questions about any of their interesting products.  Think palo santo, books on forest bathing and ayahuasca, CBD salves and a lot more.

So back to The Highly Sexed Event here’s a quick run through: 

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 10.27.12 PM.png


Sex and cannabis, how they go they go together? Cannabis consumption and consent. How cannabis can enhance sex in more ways than you think.


Anna Duckworth the editor in chief of Miss Grass   an “elevated cannabis shop and magazine for women and the plant.” Also called the “Goop of cannabis” by W Magazine. Anna is a cannabis advocate and self care enthusiast who lead the conversation that evening and co-founded the Miss Grass platform with…

Kate Miller CEO and co-founder of Miss Grass  who has worked in both the entertainment industry and cannabis industry.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 11.13.01 PM.png


Mathew Gerson: Founder of FORIA the pioneer in the cannabis lube and suppository space.

Gabrielle Alexa-NY Sex column editor and content creator.

Cyo Ray Nystrom-Founder of Quim Rock   “a self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas.”

Kimberley Dillon: Chief Marketing officer at Papa and Barkley Some of the best formulated products on the market and one of my favorites to find tinctures and transdermal patches! My review of their products can be found on youtube here.  


*My takeaways and the topics that we went Into. *

Consent and Cannabis

Cannabis users know that consumption usually enhances the experience they are embarking on after consumption, so cannabis and sex have always been a winning pair. No one has really been talking about cannabis consumption and consent. What if someone you’re hooking up with consumed cannabis and you didn’t? Is this taking advantage? How do you approach this? This is an interesting thought journey. The takeaway from the panel discussion on this was communication at every step of the way. Before consumption, before sex. Just communicate as much as you can before anyone enters into an altered state.

Cannabis and Pregnancy

WHOOAAAA RED ALERT this is a MAJOR TABOO TOPIC. And I LOVE that it was a topic of conversation at this event. SOOOOOO this is a sensitive subject, but the reality is that cannabis has been used long before our time for many healing modalities including child birth and throughout pregnancy. There is a lot of research that needs to happen before anyone can recommend cannabis use during or immediately after pregnancy, but is it really that bad? OK we don’t know, but if you think about the drugs that can be prescribed to pregnant women for things like morning sickness which could easily be resolved (for some) by a touch of cannabis consumption. You have to take a lot into consideration. More scientific research and articles are being released suggesting the use of cannabis during pregnancy or post-partum aren’t that adverse to the health of the mother or baby. Only time will tell, but I am not writing anything off completely yet.

Why Cannabis works in topicals, specifically lubes and suppositories

Topicals and transdermal delivery methods are becoming more popular in the cannabis market and for good reason. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it (Which is why it is so important to check the ingredients of all skincare and beauty products read more on that and where to check in our EWG post here). These methods absorb the cannabinoids into your bloodstream within 30 minutes to an hour. When you take it a step further and use cannabinoid infused lubes or suppositories they immediately absorb into the bloodstream and the onsets can go into effect within 10-15 minutes. It is incredible that there is an increase variety of cannabinoid intake methods for people suffering besides oral consumption and vaping.

The Indica Sativa Myth-Like I have been saying TERPENES are the real deal.  One of the questions after the panel was regarding choosing indica/sativa for certain conditions and the expert panel unanimously agreed that indica and sativa classifications will soon be a thing of the past as we learn more about the cannabis plant and track the testing and data of the terpene content of the flower. The terpenes seem to determine the effects of the cannabis you consume and are easier to determine the terpene content over the strain’s genetic history most of the time. I go on a deeper dive into this concept (Indica, sativa, hybrid post) and terpenes in this terpene post here.

Event #2 : Sunday At MOMA

On Sunday I Jetted over to see the Hothouse Broccoli Magazine event at MOMA PS1 .

WOWOWOWOW Let me just say I absolutely love Broccoli magazine and was not going to miss out on seeing the Pacific NW based magazine hosting an event on the East Coast.

The event space was PACKED an hour before the event and we snagged some standing room.


Assistant Curators of MOMA PS1: Taja Cheek and Alex Sloane

Discussion lead by:  Georgia Frances King



Anja Charbonneau- Editor in Chief and Creative Director of Broccoli Magazine 

Amy Merrick - Florist and Flower Styling, she created the beautiful cannabis (HEMP) displays at the event along with the ICONIC ikebana cannabis images accentuating the beauty and simplicity of the plant that can be found in the first issue of Broccoli magazine and can be purchased as postcards/prints.

Alice Grandoit-Cultural Researcher and Designer and Ikebana expert

Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey-author of The art of Weed Butter, journalist and cannabis entrepreneur.

The Gems:

IKEBANA The Japanese art of floral arrangements . This is a deep tradition and disciplined art form of arranging flowers and elements of nature. Where nature and humanity are brought together along with spiritual elements of the flowers. It looks minimal, but is so complex. There were two experts of Ikebana on the panel and I was fascinated to hear about this practice.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 11.21.53 PM.png

Broccoli Magazine’s funky stuff. If you love cannabis culture you need to subscribe to Broccoli Magazine. What started out as a funky array of cannabis musings is an interesting and artfully curated publication that includes international cannabis culture and unique cannabis products and accessories. I love keeping a pulse on the evolution of cannabis in culture.

House Plants, Cannabis plants… it’s ok to kill a couple to figure out how to take care of them properly. Sad, but true. When going for the ultimate #jungalow vibe in your house with houseplants a couple casualties might happen until you figure out the sweet spot for certain species. And that’s ok. As long as you adjust and don’t practice the same routine expecting different results, insanity.

The intuition into yourself the cannabis plant taps into  I loved this topic. What is your relationship with cannabis. It can be a social activity, enhancing an experience or easily enjoyed solo and introspectively. No matter what when you consume it you get an insight into what’s going on with you. A deep connection and intuition into yourself. That is one of the things that makes it so special because you can’t hide from what’s going on inside when you consume this magical plant.

I love getting a pulse on different legal markets and who is talking about what and the questions people are asking at these types of events.  I will follow this up with a post on how to find and connect with people in the cannabis industry anywhere in the world. What cannabis events are you attending or looking forward to? Comment below!




Please comment or email us if you have any questions.